12 Ingenious Gym Hacks To Keep You In Shape


Do you find yourself rushing for a work out or even cutting a work out short because you’re tight on time? Try these gym hacks to save time at the gym and get a more satisfying work out.

Perform lunges between sessions

If you belong to a gym with large square footage, you can waste precious minutes moving from the treadmill to the weight bench. Keep your body working by doing lunges as you travel to your next station. This technique will increase the intensity of your overall workout while keeping your muscles warm and moving for optimum results.

Dress to impress

Wearing the right gym clothes can improve your workout. While comfort is a major plus while exercising, many people find trendy workout clothing a great incentive to get to the gym. Be sure to dress before you arrive or you’ll use precious workout time changing in the locker room.

Plan your workout around the gym’s layout

You can waste a lot of time at the gym running back and forth between stations that are far apart. Instead, schedule your workout according to the layout of the gym. This will minimize down time between exercises, allowing you to reach your workout goal more quickly.

Don’t socialize when you work out

Having a workout buddy is great, but it can often distract people from reaching their workout goals. You don’t have to be anti-social while working out, but make sure you stay focus enough during exercise to get as much as you can out of the activity. Workout tip: Even if you don’t like listening to music while exercising, ear buds are a good way to signal to others that you’re too focused to socialize.

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Visit during “off” hours

You’ve managed to drag yourself to the gym, only to find that the exercise equipment you want to use is already taken. Nothing could be more frustrating. Rather than use crowds as an excuse to avoid physical activity, visit gyms during “off” hours when people are less likely to be there. If possible, mid-morning, afternoons, late nights, and national holidays are far less popular.

Save time by doing compound exercises

You don’t have to do exercises that focus on just one of your muscle groups. Many gyms carry equipment that the right technique can target several body parts at once. Compound exercises are a great way to condense your workout time without neglecting certain areas of your body.

Prepare a shower bag

Pressed for time post-workout? Don’t skip the shower; prepare for it. By packing a shower bag you can cut down on your post-workout routine. A shower bag can be especially useful if you participate in group activities. Shower lines are typically longer in these circumstances, so beating the line can save you a lot of time in the long run.

When in doubt, use the elliptical machine

elliptical machine
Cardio is key to most exercise regimens. If you need to get your heart rate up in a short amount of time, there’s hardly a more efficient machine than the elliptical. Elliptical exercises generally work your entire body and you can get a thorough workout in a fraction of the time you’d spend on a treadmill or bicycle.

Create playlists that last as long as your workout

Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone or watch to find out how long you’ve been working out? By creating a playlist that lasts as long as your workout, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to go. This way, you can focus less on how long you have left and more on breathing, posture, and form.

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Increase the intensity of your workout

While stamina is important to maintaining good health, the occasional shorter workout can be optimized by increasing your intensity. Do the same amount of reps with more weight or run a longer distance in a shorter amount of time to push yourself to a new level of fitness.

Download audio books

Time flies when you’re having fun, and a good story can make your workout time go by much more quickly. Audiobooks also give you the opportunity to exercise your mind and your body at the same time. Keep a well-rounded routine so as not to get bogged down in purely physical activity.

Join a good gym

Ok, this may seem like common sense, but some people join a gym for the wrong reasons. Regardless of how cheap the monthly fee is or the number of your friends belong to a certain gym, be sure to choose somewhere you feel comfortable. If members seem friendly and the equipment is clean and a good quality, you’ll be less likely to hurry out or cut your workout short.

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