Easy Work Out Plan For A Busy Man


Most men today are too swamped with their professional and personal lives that they are already finding very little time to take care of their bodies.

Exercise is a very vital part of health and, although any guy would want to spend some hours in the gym to get a good workout, many of them are having a hard time squeezing it in their already hectic schedules.

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Probably the best time that you have to potentially do something productive is during your hour-long lunch break. In this seemingly miniscule amount of time, you should already be able to carry out a decent routine to maintain a healthy and fit body. The best part about this is that such a routine is not too demanding so you do not end up soaking wet with perspiration by the time that you get back to work in the afternoon.

Cardiovascular and Lower Body


A cardiovascular workout will only consist of a half-hour walk every day. Simply switch to wearing your walking shoes and go around the block where your office building is situated. If the weather is not very favorable for this activity, you can use the stair case in your building.

This will be a good way to work those muscles and increase your heart rate. For a constant progression, increase your pace weekly and set goals to increase your distances. Alternately do these two cardiovascular sessions to add some variety to your activities.

Upper Body

After doing your 30-minute aerobic session, you may now proceed on working your upper body. Return to your office and find a clean spot on the floor that is big enough to accommodate your entire body. Proceed in doing a series of pushups to tighten your body. Do these three times a week after your daily cardiovascular routine.

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Basic pushups are best for your pectorals, triceps, and rear deltoids. True to its name, this is the typical pushup that we are all so used to seeing or doing. According to your fitness level, perform 3 sets with 10 to 15 repetitions each. Once you get the hang of doing it, you can then just increase the repetitions. You can even elevate your feet on the chair for increased resistance.

Close-grip pushups are more geared for the triceps, inner chest, and trunk muscles. Use the starting position that the typical pushup would require but bring your hands together so that you can form a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. This is the kind of pushup that requires more balance so you need to stabilize your body and work your trunk muscles as you are performing your reps. Stretch your arms and wrists before doing this as this might hurt your wrists the first time around. Also, do the same reps as the basic pushup then increase them as you get a hang of it.

Wide-grip pushups are best for your chest, rear shoulders, and parts of your back muscles. This is a kind of pushup that is the complete opposite of close-grip since you will be positioning your hands beyond the lines of your shoulder, with your fingers pointing forward. Among the three, this kind of pushup is considered to be the most demanding so you will very easily tire with this.

These push up variations should already do s good job at keeping you fit and strong. To complete your entire routine, you can incorporate abdominal exercise once in a week of sets that have 20 to 30 repetitions. Do not forget to eat a healthy meal and enjoy these routines that you are doing in your work place.

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