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A lot of people have become very health conscious these days, leading many to include a regular exercise time into their day to day routine. Workouts should be varied so muscles do not become bored, and you can fluctuate what you do on certain days so as not to wear yourself out in one area of your body or another. You should most certainly be including an upper body workout in your weekly exercise routine. No matter how you choose to do it – at a gym with equipment, at home without weights, or with small dumbbell weights, this type of workout is detrimental to your whole exercise routine and good for your overall health.

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What are the Benefits of an Upper Body Workout?

  •  Your Posture
  • Improving Your Speed and Balance
  • Overall Benefits for Your Whole Body

Improving upon your posture of course has its value for aesthetic looks, as a proper posture always looks the best over slouching. Plus, you can prevent injuring your back when you are not working out by having the correct posture.

Achieving correct posture takes strengthening your upper body with an upper body workout. You especially want to focus on toning your shoulder and back muscles, as they need to hold up half of your body.

Different athletes also benefit from having the proper form, such as cyclists and distance runners. Drooped shoulders can slow down either of these types of athletes, plus with cyclists their upper body takes a lot of the impact of the ride, so it wise to have it built up and strong.

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Upper Body Workout for Women

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Including an upper body workout in your exercise routine will help you to achieve overall balance. It will also assist you in doing the exercises that are focused heavily on legs. For example, on most elliptical machines, there is a spot to pump your arms. Doing this will move you at a faster pace on the machine, so having strong, solid biceps and shoulders will allow you to do this, and this in turn burns more calories faster.

Having upper body strength also helps runners with a boost of speed, especially when approaching the finish line, plus of course, keeps them balanced.

On the other hand, if you aren’t making sure you have a regular exercise routine, your lower body may be getting some exercise while you are walking around throughout the day, but your upper body will remain out of shape and flabby without a focused upper body workoutEven if you aren’t concerned with having bulging muscles in your upper body, having muscle spread all over your body benefits your overall health because muscle helps to burn fat.  So, the more muscle you have the more calories and fat you will burn, even at a resting state.

Your Upper Body Workout Done at Home

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There are many ways you can go about your upper body workout, but if you want to start with the basics at home, and don’t have any weights or fancy equipment, it is still possible to have a total workout for your upper body. There are plenty of exercises you can do right at home that will give you a good workout.

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Some exercises you can easily do at home:

  • The Pushup – Yes, an old standby, perhaps, but it is very efficient in toning your upper body. Many people do not like them because they find them difficult, but there are so many variations of the pushup that there is bound to be a version you can stick with.
  • Dips – A good way to tone your triceps during your upper body workout, you can use furniture around your home for this one such as a chair, the side of a table or any other sturdy object.
  • Another variation on the pushup – By placing your forearms on the ground, you can do a version of the pushup that will help to strengthen your upper back.
  • The sit-up, crunch and static crunch – All of these exercises will work your abs. Even though you think of this as your midsection, strengthening your abs, or your core, will give you more balance overall and help you to perform other exercises more correctly and also help you to keep from injuring yourself during day to day activities.
  • Back Extension – Don’t forget about your lower back when doing your upper body workout. Many people forget about this, as they are more concerned with exercises to improve upon their looks, but strengthening your lower back is detrimental to improving your balance along with your building your core muscles.

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Upper Body Workout Tips

These exercises are perfect for when you are just starting out, as they do not involve any weights. When you feel you are ready to move on, you can start out with light weights in your upper body workout. Don’t use weights that are so heavy you have to use a back movement to complete a motion.

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Using moderate weights for a sports upper body workout with sets of 6-10 reps is appropriate. For anyone going through rehab for their back, sets of 20-30 reps using light weights will help to develop good posture and control instead of power.

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