Truth or Dare Questions


We all know the truth or dare game, right? For anyone without a clue, truth or dare is an exciting game that involves two or more people. The people involved ask each other to perform actions known as dares or ask to answer a question regarding their lives. The only skills the players require are creativity and ability to handle embarrassing situations. The game is also known as a game of embarrassment.Truth and dare questions are a crucial part of the game and determine how interesting the game progresses.

Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare questions vary and depend on the participants’ age, relationship and the environment. They also revolve around the individuals participating. The game can be played anywhere be it at home when hanging out, at parties, camping you name it.

The aim of playing truth or dare questions is to create hilarious and embarrassing situations. Very dark and prying truth questions should be avoided to maintain relationships even after the game. The same case applies to the dares, they should be legal and cause no harm to the participants.

To play the game does not require any costly materials or extensive preparations. Only pieces of paper and pen may be required in some situations. The game is open to persons of all ages be it friends, married couples, groups of couples or students.

In support of the game, a number of applications have been created to aid in finding interesting questions. This enables prolong the duration of playing the game making it memorable.

Why you should play Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare questions are ideal for all groups of people from children to adults. The benefits of playing the game, therefore, range depending on the participants and their relationship. Common benefits that cut across participants of all ages include; creating a form of enjoyment and bonding. In addition, the questions enable you to know more about people.

The dares issued out enable the participants get out of their comfort zone and try something new. This is because most of the dares are something one would never engage in normal situations.

The benefits for individual groups are creating intimacy for a couple and married people. For teens and students, creating a great pass time to meet and interact with new friends. For a family, truth and dare questions enable the whole family to engage each other and learn about their lives. Parents are also able to learn the likes and dislikes of their children in regard to their daily routines.

Finally, children who play the game are able to entertain their friends during parties and sleepover creating fond memories.

How to Play Truth or Dare Questions

The truth or dare questions game has been around for decades and played in different ways. There are two main ways of playing the game common all over the world.

In the first method,each of the individuals participating in the game write a truth or dare question. All the papers carefully closed are then put in a container. The players then take turns to pick a paper randomly from the container. Depending on whether what is written is truth or dare, the participants tell their truths or complete the specified task. If a participant fails to accomplish the task, a penalty or alternative agreed by all members is given to them.Alternatively, the players take turns asking each other to choose a truth or dare instead of writing down in sheets of paper.

An important key to note is that the truth questions asked should be answered truthfully even if the answer is considered embarrassing. For the dare, if a participant feels they are unable to accomplish, a second alternative may be given and must be completed. A person cannot, however, be dared to answer a question.

Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

Kids are precious to their families and there is the need for them to be in a state of joy. There is no better way for them to enjoy the company of friends than playing truth or dare questions.The suitable age bracket for kids engaged is from 10-12 years.The game should be clean, kid-friendly and safe for all kids involved.

Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

The questions can be introduced at birthday parties, sleepovers or holiday parties. The best way to play the game is by printing out the questions in paper strips. The kids should then be allowed to select a strip and perform in turns.

The truth questions revolve around school, family and hobbies. In some cases, preparation of the game for the kids needs to be done in advance. It is important to create a fun environment and involve all the children in the game. This helps to create a bond, keep the children engaged and away from mischief. Periodic monitoring is encouraged to ensure smooth running and fairness by following the rules of the game set out.


  1. What is your favourite animal?
  2. What is the capital of the state that you live in?
  3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  4. If you a million dollars, what would you do with all of your money?
  5. If you could dye your hair any colour, what colour would you pick?
  6. What is your favourite color?
  7. What is your favourite song?
  8. What is your favourite food?
  9. What is your favourite school subject?
  10. Would you rather be a chicken or duck?
  11. Would you rather be a pig or snake?
  12. Are you in any sports?
  13. What is your favourite sport?
  14. What animal are you scared of?
  15. What is your favourite game to play?
  16. Who is your favourite teacher, and why?
  17. What is your favourite movie?
  18. Who is your favourite Disney character?
  19. What is your favourite TV show?
  20. What is your pet’s name?
  21. What is your shoe size?
  22. Who is your favourite singer?
  23. Do you like bugs?
  24. What is your favourite vegetable?
  25. Do you like doing chores?
  26. What is your favourite thing to do on the weekends?
  27. Do you know how to dance?
  28. Do you know how to cook?
  29. Can you speak a different language?
  30. What is your favourite thing to do after school?
  31. Are you scared of monsters?
  32. Do you have an imaginary friend?
  33. Who is your best friend?
  34. When did you learn how to ride a bike?
  35. Can you use a pogo stick?
  36. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  37. What is your favourite sport in the Olympics?
  38. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  39. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?
  40. What is your favourite place to go out to eat?


  1. Go a whole minute without blinking
  2. Do the silliest dance that you can think of
  3. Act like a baby until your next turn
  4. Do 5 cartwheels in a row
  5. Do a backbend
  6. Act like your favourite Disney person
  7. Say “banana” after everything you say until it is your turn again
  8. Make up a poem about the colour blue
  9. Act like a monkey until it is your turn again
  10. Moo like a cow as loud as you can
  11. Act like an old lady or an old man
  12. Spin around 10 times, when you get done try to walk in a straight line
  13. Do 10 jumping jacks, and then do 10 pushups
  14. Say the alphabet backwards in 30 seconds
  15. Hold your breath for 10 seconds
  16. Act like a chicken for 1 minute
  17. Jump up and down until it’s your turn again
  18. Close your eyes until it’s your turn again
  19. Sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” while standing on your head
  20. Do a handstand
  21. Cross your eyes
  22. Lick your nose
  23. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter
  24. Tickle the person to your right
  25. Tie your shoe strings together and try to walk to the door and back
  26. Make a fish face
  27. Pretend that you are an airplane for 2 minutes
  28. Dance like a ballerina
  29. Say the alphabet in a different language
  30. Do the sprinkler dance
  31. Act like your favourite superhero
  32. Go 10 minutes without saying the words: but, a, the, or
  33. Act like a statue until it is your turn again (no talking or moving)
  34. Meow like cat
  35. Put your leg behind you head
  36. Sing your favourite song
  37. Do your best hip hop dance
  38. Try to lick your elbow
  39. Paint your fingernails with a crayon
  40. Sit upside down in a chair until your next turn

Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

Teens are persons aged 13 to 16 years. The truth or dare questions for teens vary as the lot are more curious and diverse in thinking.The teens can also be used with other older crowds. The questions revolve around school, friends, crushes, music and food.

Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

The questions tend to be more embarrassing in nature compared to other groups. A measure of control may be necessary to minimize uncomfortable situations, especially for reserved teens. The questions are usually conducted in parties, school breaks and sleepovers.

The game enables new teens to blend easily with classmates and new friends. The teens through the interaction are also exposed to new information on games, new music and food.


  1. Have you ever pulled a prank on your teacher?
  2. Who is your best looking teacher that you have ever had?
  3. What is the funniest youtube video you have ever seen?
  4. Who is the worst teacher you have ever had, why?
  5. What would you do if your parents left the house to you for a whole week?
  6. Have you ever cheated on any test?
  7. Who is your crush at school?
  8. Who is the most annoying person you know?
  9. What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on?
  10. Have you ever lied to your parents about what you were doing after school?
  11. Have you ever blamed something that you have done on one of your siblings?
  12. What college do you plan on going to?
  13. Are you still a virgin?
  14. How many boyfriends (or girlfriends) have you had?
  15. Have you ever been kissed yet? If so, who was your best kiss?
  16. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  17. Have you ever told one of your best friend’s secrets, even if you said you wouldn’t?
  18. Have you ever had a crush on someone that your best friend has dated?
  19. What is the most annoying thing that one of your siblings has done?
  20. Do you have a job? If so, what is your favourite thing about it?
  21. If you were a billionaire, what would you spend your time doing?
  22. What is the longest time you have ever been grounded?
  23. What is the longest time that you think you could go without your cell phone?
  24. What is the most expensive thing you own?
  25. If you had the choice to live on your own right now, would you do it?
  26. Can you see yourself being married to the creepiest kid a your school someday?
  27. Would you ever get on a dating website?
  28. Have you ever watched an adult film without your parents knowing?
  29. If you could own your own business one day, what would it be?
  30. What is your favourite kind of clothing?
  31. What celebrity are you obsessed with?
  32. What is your favourite sports team?
  33. What he craziest thing that you have ever done without your parents knowing?
  34. What is your favourite song that is out right now?
  35. Could you go two months without talking to your friends?
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  1. Make up a three minute song about the first thing that comes to your mind
  2. Do an impression of your most annoying teacher
  3. Put the socks of the person to your right in your mouth
  4. Call and break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend
  5. Share a shirt with the person to your right for the next 3 rounds
  6. Give person to your left a kiss on the forehead
  7. Text your crush and tell them how much you like them
  8. Eat three spoonfuls of mustard
  9. Do a handstand on the wall for the next two rounds
  10. Kiss a pillow until it is your turn again
  11. Go rinse your mouth out with soap or a minute, then blow soap bubbles from your mouth until the soap runs out
  12.  Act like a pig until it is your turn again
  13. Send an email to one of your teachers, telling them about how your day is going
  14. Do 20 cartwheels
  15. Ask your crush out on a date
  16. Using only your elbows, make a Facebook status and post it
  17. Fold yourself into a pretzel
  18. Smell pepper and try not to sneeze
  19. Eat half a stick of butter
  20. Run in place or the next three rounds
  21. Eat as much hot sauce as you can
  22. Walk on your hands from one side of the room to the other
  23. Do a cannonball onto the couch
  24. Take a selfie with a broom and post it on all of your social media
  25. Go outside and sing your national anthem as loud as you can
  26. Call and yell at one of your parents and then tell them they are grounded for a week
  27. Take a selfie with your finger up your nose and post it to all your social media
  28. Put makeup on with no mirror
  29. With powder in your hand, smack the person to you left on the cheek
  30. Prank call a local restaurant and order one of everything on the menu
  31. Hold your shoe up to your nose until it is your turn again
  32. Do your best chicken dance outside on the lawn
  33. Blindfolded, spin around 10 times and walk down the street and back
  34. Try to tickle yourself
  35. Do your best belly dance

Truth or Dare Questions for Students

College is considered an amazing period in a person’s life. Teens look forward to being college students and adults constantly refer to their college experiences. One of the things that make college memorable are the many games played truth or dare question topping the list.

Truth or Dare Questions for Student

The best way to play the game is by starting with common questions and slowly warming up to embarrassing ones. At times, the game may get out of hand especially if drinking is involved, care should be taken to avoid breaking the law.

The game allows students to bond and pass time. In addition to having fun, the game allows the players to let loose and express their frustrations with school. Great questions for students are easily accessible and the students may also use applications specifically created for the game.


  1. What is the most annoying thing your roommate does?
  2. What is the most annoying thing that your roommate has ever done?
  3. What is most amount of shots that you have taken in one night?
  4. Have you ever spent your parent’s money on alcohol?
  5. Have you ever wet bed from being too drunk?
  6. Have you ever had sex in your roommate’s bed?
  7. How many times have you skipped class for no reason?
  8. What is the best party that you’ve ever been to?
  9. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done while drunk?
  10. Have you ever woken up to a stranger in your bed?
  11. Would you drop out of school if you were to win the lottery?
  12. What is the longest you’ve gone without sex?
  13. What is the longest you’ve had sex in one session?
  14. Have you ever thrown up in someone’s car?
  15. How many parties have you thrown at your house?
  16. Have you ever been a stripper?
  17. Have you ever wanted to have an orgy?
  18. What is the longest you have gone without sleep?
  19. Have you ever done a sex train?
  20. Have you been in any fights while in school?
  21. How people have you slept with on campus?
  22. Have you ever had a threesome?
  23. What is your real GPA?
  24. What did you do on your first night of freshman year?
  25. Have you ever taken money from your roommate?
  26. Have you ever taken money from a freshman?
  27. How many freshmen have you slept with?
  28. Have you used a toy while have sex?
  29. Would you ever have sex with one of your professors? If so, which one?
  30. What is the earliest you have ever started drinking in the day?
  31. What is your least favourite frat on campus?
  32. Have you ever gotten an STD?
  33. Have you ever had sex in your parent’s bed?
  34. Have you ever had sex anywhere on campus?
  35. Have you ever lied to your parents about if you were in classes or not?
  36. Have you ever blacked out from drinking too much?
  37. Did you smoke or drink before college? Or did you start when you got here?
  38. Have you ever slept with your roommate’s bf/gf?
  39. Who is the best roommate that you have ever had?
  40. Have you ever had someone write a paper for you?


  1. Let someone lick a full circle around your face
  2. Eat some soap
  3. Twerk while in a split
  4. Blindfolded, let someone tie you to a chair and give you a lapdance
  5. Speak like Tony Montana for the next 10 minutes
  6. Take two shots of a dark and a light liquor ( 4 shots total )
  7. Give a topless lap dance
  8. Take a shot
  9. Stand in the corner in “time out”, not say a word for the next 3 rounds
  10. Run down the street in only your underwear
  11. Close your eyes, go to the refrigerator and eat whatever you grab
  12. Lick someone’s foot
  13. Give some head with their underwear still on
  14. Take a shower fully clothed
  15. Twerk on a handstand
  16. Lick the wall
  17. Go outside completely naked and walk slowly up to the mailbox and back
  18. Call someone random, and talk freaky to them
  19. Chug a whole beer in 15 seconds
  20. Raise your shirt play with your nipples
  21. Email one of your professor’s and tell them you love them
  22. Floss the teeth of the person to your left
  23. Chug an entire beer, then spin around for 15 seconds, after that try to run to the door
  24. Make out with someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend
  25. Eat toilet paper
  26. Send a nude to one of your exes
  27. Take 2 shots and do a cartwheel
  28. Eat a dry pack of noodles
  29. Wearing only high heels do a strip dance for the group
  30. Make a freestyle rap song about each person in the group
  31. Take a shot off of the person to your right
  32. Spin the bottle, whoever it lands on you must take their shirt off, only using your teeth
  33. Give the person to your right a hickie
  34. Blindfolded, spin around for 10 seconds, kiss the person in front you at the end of your spinning
  35. Sit in the trash can for the next round
  36. Snort a line of sugar
  37. Let someone give you haircut with their weak hand
  38. Eat a raw egg
  39. Slap the person to your left on the booty
  40. Call your parents and tell them you’re dropping out

Truth or Dare Questions for New Couples

Truth or dare questions for new couples are meant for people who are recently dating or married. The game allows the partners to learn new information about their loved one while having fun. There are no boundaries as the game can be turned into something a bit naughty to bring the couple together.

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Truth or Dare Questions for New Couples

The questions allow the couple to be open and express things they would normally be shy about. They create a sense of freedom to say out loud secret wants and fantasies. On the other hand, the questions may arouse a sense of curiosity about a partner. It is advisable to avoid prying questions that may create nasty and awkward situations.

The aim of playing the game is to bring a couple together, playing tricks and digging up past details does the opposite. As they say, “Don’t ask a question you are not ready to hear a true answer to.”


  1. How many kids would you like to have?
  2. How do you put your toilet paper on the roll?
  3. Would you ever consider being a nudist?
  4. What is your dream wedding?
  5. Describe your worst date ever?
  6. What are your three favourite colours, and why?
  7. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
  8. What is your favourite season of the year?
  9. What was your childhood nickname?
  10. What is your biggest fear in a relationship?
  11. What is your weirdest habit?
  12. What is your dream job?
  13. What country would like to live in if you had the chance?
  14. Is the dress Black and Blue or Gold and White?
  15. What is your favourite food?
  16. How do you feel about social media?
  17. Could you go a week without junk food?
  18. If you were trapped on an island for 3 days, what would you take with you?
  19. Do you prefer apple or android?
  20. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  21. What was your funniest first date ever?
  22. What is your guilty pleasure?
  23. What is your biggest turn off in a partner?
  24. Describe your worst kiss ever?
  25. What is the most exotic food that you have ever eaten?
  26. If you could take away one bad thing in the world, what would it be?
  27. What is your best talent?
  28. Do you like to exercise?
  29. What is one embarrassing fact I should know about you?
  30. Can you lick your elbow?
  31. What do you daydream about the most?
  32. If there was no such thing as money, what would you do with your life?
  33. How do you feel about end pieces of a loaf of bread?
  34. Do you believe in love at all?
  35. Who is your favourite person and why?
  36. What is your favourite movie?
  37. If you could change one thing on your body, what would it be?
  38. Describe the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
  39. What is the perfect first day?
  40. How was your first kiss?


  1. Get on all fours and act like a dog until your next turn
  2. Yell out the first word that comes to your mind right now
  3. Do an impression of someone until another player can guess who you are
  4. Brush someone else’s teeth
  5. Give a concert with your air guitar
  6. Break dance
  7. Only use your elbows and knees to go make a sandwich
  8. Belly dance to a country song
  9. Use the letters of the name of another player to describe them (ex. SAM : S – Silly ; A – Attractive ; M – Merry)
  10. Do your best president impression
  11. Give a 3 minute stand-up comedy routine
  12. Act like you do not understand your own language until your next turn (come up with your own language)
  13. Act like your favourite Disney character for the rest of the game
  14. Say the alphabet backwards in 15 seconds
  15. Act like Romeo from “Romeo and Juliet” (pick who you want to be Juliet)
  16. Only use sign language for the next round
  17. Set your cell phone language to Chinese for the next 10 minutes
  18. Say “ya heard meh” after everything you say for the next 5 minutes
  19. Go to the neighbour’s house and ask for a banana
  20. Make up a short rap about another player
  21. Make a poem using the words orange and moose
  22. Sing the alphabet without moving your mouth
  23. Unbuckle your own belt using your elbows

Truth or Dare Questions for Married Couples

There is always something new that married couples can learn about their partners. It does not matter if the couples are newly married or have been married for long. The benefits of truth or dare questions are similar to those of couples. The only difference is that for married couples, the questions allow the couple to break away from routine.

Truth or Dare Questions for Married Couples

The game should be scheduled periodically either weekly or monthly. The time spent in playing helps the couple spend quality time away from the kids, work or even school. The couple is able to share their experiences through the questions.

Secondly, the couple are able to try out new activities through the dares. The activities may range from dancing routines, bedroom styles and games. These enable the couple bond and rekindle romance.

Similar to couples, tricky and nasty questions should be avoided so as to maintain a friendly, adventurous and calming environment.


  1. What sexual position do you and your spouse use the most?
  2. Does your spouse act more like their mother or their father?
  3. How many children would you like to have?
  4. Who in your family likes your spouse the least, why?
  5. How soon did you realize that you were in love with your partner?
  6. Is your spouse a good dancer?
  7. Would your spouse trade you for a million dollars?
  8. Have you ever thought about marrying someone else?
  9. What white lie have you told your partner to make sure not to hurt their feelings?
  10. What is your spouse’s favourite sport’s team?
  11. Who is your favourite in-law?
  12. Has your spouse ever done something really embarrassing in public to the point that you did not want to be seen with them?
  13. If you had never met your spouse where do you think you would be?
  14. How many relationships have you had before your spouse?
  15. How soon did you want start a family?
  16. If you could fix one body part on your spouse, which would it be?
  17. What is your spouse’s favourite colour?
  18. Have you ever accused you spouse of cheating?
  19. What body part of your spouse does you like the most?
  20. What was your spouse’s childhood nickname?
  21. What personality trait does you least like about your spouse?
  22. How many times have you and your spouse broken up before you got married?
  23. Who is your least favourite in-law?
  24. What was the best night you have ever had with your spouse?
  25. What is the sexiest thing about your spouse?
  26. Would you leave your spouse if it meant that you would be very rich?
  27. What is the sweetest thing your spouse has ever done for you?
  28. How many days could you go without your spouse?
  29. What can your spouse do/say to make you do anything?
  30. What country would you like to visit with your spouse?
  31. What was your first impression of your spouse?
  32. What is your partner’s most annoying habit?
  33. What is one lie your spouse tells everyone else, but you know the truth?
  34. What is your favourite thing about your spouse?
  35. What could your spouse not go a day without?


  1. Sing to your spouse
  2. Sing you and your spouse’s favourite song
  3. Suck your partner’s toes for 2 minutes
  4. Switch underwear with your partner
  5. Call an ex of your spouse’s and get advice on how to deal with one of your spouse’s annoying habits
  6. Give your spouse a backrub
  7. Do an impression of your favourite in-law
  8. Make out with your spouse until the next round
  9. Sit upside down on your spouse’s lap until the next round
  10. Kiss your favourite part of your spouse
  11. Pour syrup on your spouse and then eat it off of them
  12. Make up a 2 minute song about your spouse
  13. Give your spouse a foot rub for 3 minutes
  14. Do an impression of your least favourite in-law
  15. Bite your spouse’s bottom lip
  16. Be your spouse’s slave for the next 15 minutes
  17. Give your spouse a lapdance
  18. Hop in the shower with your spouse, stay in there while two of your favourite songs play
  19. Smack your partner’s booty
  20. Take your spouse’s phone and go through all the emails and pictures, but don’t say a word about what you see
  21. Eat a piece of fruit out of your partner’s underwear
  22. Take off your spouse’s shirt only using your teeth
  23. Brush your spouse’s teeth
  24. Blow a raspberry on your spouse’s forehead
  25. Take a strawberry and eat it with your spouse
  26. Turn your spouse on without touching them
  27. Do an impression of your spouse’s best friend
  28. Say something that only your spouse will understand
  29. Whisper something in your spouse’s ear that will turn them on
  30. Go five minutes without looking at your spouse at all
  31. Do an impression of your spouse
  32. Do something funny that only your spouse will understand
  33. Give your spouse a strip tease
  34. Walk on your spouse’s back for a minute
  35. Give your spouse an eskimo kiss

Truth or Dare Questions for Family Game Night

With the increased development of technology such as tablets, laptops and gaming devices, family interactions have been greatly reduced. Truth or dare questions are a fantastic way to engage the family during the family time.All of the family members are included including the children.

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Truth or Dare Questions for Family Game Night

A lot of laughter and fun is guaranteed as there are unlimited questions to ask around. A great way may be to allow the young people to start choosing a truth or dare. The truths asked should not be obvious to the family members and should be answered honestly.

Also, the dares given to the members should be fairly hard, silly and out of the ordinary. Failure to answer the questions as instructed should result in consequences decided by the family. All the family members should engage in either a truth or dare. The game should extend for as long as possible to create great memories.

The questions allow the adults to be engaged in the lives of the children. Their involvement enables the parents to identify any problems their children may be facing. Finally, the game also creates an avenueto identify talents and gifts through the dares.


  1. Have you ever snuck anyone into to the house?
  2. What is the most annoying thing that your mom does?
  3. Would you rather be a bumblebee or a slug?
  4. Do you know how to swim?
  5. Have you ever eaten a worm?
  6. Have you ever picked your nose when you thought no one was looking?
  7. If you could change any of the house rules, what would it be?
  8. What is your favourite holiday and why?
  9. Describe your dream home
  10. Would you rather be a horse or a cow?
  11. What is your favourite board game to play with your family?
  12. What is the most annoying thing that your dad does?
  13. What is the funniest thing your grandparents have ever said?
  14. How many times have you snuck out of the house?
  15. If you could put one person in your family on mute for a day, who would it be?
  16. What is the best dish that you mom makes for dinner?
  17. How long could you without eating your favourite food?
  18. If you could be any super villain, who would you be?
  19. What is your favourite cartoon from your generation?
  20. Who taught you how to tie your shoes?
  21. Who is your celebrity husband or wife?
  22. What is the funniest dream that you have ever had?
  23. If you could be any dinosaur, which would it be?
  24. What is your favourite childhood song?
  25. What is the longest that you have ever been without taking a shower?
  26. Who in your family tells the corniest jokes?
  27. If you could get rid of one household chore, what would it be?
  28. Have you ever worn the same clothes for more than three days?
  29. Have you ever had a dream about one of your relatives?
  30. At what age did you learn to ride a bike?


  1. Do a headstand
  2. Hold your breath for 15 seconds
  3. For the next 2 rounds, you must do whatever the person to your right says
  4. Balance a spoon on your nose until the next round
  5. Act like the family pet until it is your turn again
  6. Give the person to your left a wet willy
  7. Do your best hula dance
  8. Wiggle your ears without using your hands
  9. Cross your eyes and walk to front yard and back
  10. Stand on one leg for the next three rounds
  11. Quack and walk like a duck
  12. Record yourself doing the silliest dance you can do, and post it to Facebook
  13. Do an impression of your favourite relative, do not stop until everyone can guess who you are
  14. Stand like a flamingo for the next four rounds
  15. Tell a funny knock knock joke, everyone must laugh
  16. Do a headstand while you sing your favourite nursery rhyme
  17. Try to spin on your head like a break dancer
  18. Make a funny face, take a selfie, and post it on Facebook
  19. Stand up and spin around for the next two rounds
  20. Talk like a baby for the next 3 rounds
  21. Do your best evil laugh, as loud as you can
  22. Tap dance on the couch
  23. Balance the object to your left on your head for the next three rounds
  24. Blindfolded, go to the kitchen and make sandwich
  25. Use the person to your right’s stomach as a drum and make up a tribal dance
  26. Spin around for 10 seconds and run out the mailbox and back
  27. Do your best impression of Mickey Mouse
  28. Call a random person and sing happy birthday to them
  29. Do 150 jumping jacks
  30. Put peanut butter on your nose, and try to to lick it off

Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

Truth or dare questions for adults create a refreshing atmosphere for relaxation. More especially adult couples that have to deal with their careers and family.Couples whether married or dating love to spend time with other couples. The main reason for this is because they have things in common.

Truth or Dare Questions for Adults

However, constantly talking about their relationships and current events becomes boring. This is where truth or dare questions for adults come in.

The questions can be compared to new and married couples’ truth or dare only more interesting. The questions are more personal and involve intimacy issues. Apart from opening up about likes and dislikes, the questions enable adults to act in ways they normally would not.Also, the game enables the couple to challenge their friends to engage in new activities.


  1. Have we ever had bad sex?
  2. Do you like giving me head?
  3. Have I ever done something that you didn’t enjoy during sex?
  4. What is your favourite pair of my underwear?
  5. Do you like it rough or soft?
  6. Would you ever want to get a stripper pole for our room?
  7. What is our best sexual experience that you remember?
  8. What food would you like me to eat off of you?
  9. Would you ever want to go to a swingers party?
  10. Do you ever dream about the sex we have together?
  11. If you could do whatever you wanted to me what would it be?
  12. Describe what you would like me to do to you.
  13. What part of your body would you love for me to massage?
  14. What is the funniest thing that I have ever done during sex?
  15. What is your favourite part of my body?
  16. Have you ever faked an orgasim with me?
  17. Would you ever want to make a video with me?
  18. Do you like “doggy-style” or “missionary” better?
  19. On a scale from 1 to 10 how good is the head that I give you?
  20. Have you ever thought about someone else while we were having sex?
  21. Would you ever cook naked for me?
  22. Have you ever not been in the mood, but still had sex because it made me happy?
  23. Would you ever eat my booty
  24. If you could invite any of our friends into the bedroom with us, who would it be?
  25. Where do you like my tongue the most?
  26. What sexual position have you always wanted to try?
  27. Would you ever want to have sex with one of my friends? If so, who?
  28. How many orgasims have I given you in one sitting?
  29. Do you like drunk sex?
  30. What is the thing that I do that makes you cum every time?


  1. Let’s go have sex in the shower
  2. Do your best yoga pose naked
  3. (For women) Let me put a dildo in your vagina while I put my penis in your booty
  4. Eat my booty out
  5. Pick your favourite porn, let’s watch it together and do exactly what they do
  6. (For men) Do me in doggy-style for 3 minutes only (if you go longer it’s a penalty)
  7. Grab whatever ever you want out of the fridge, put it on my privates, and cuck it off
  8. Be my sex slave for the next 30 minutes
  9. Take of a video of you masturbating and send it to my phone
  10. (For women) Let me put my penis in your booty
  11. Let me tie up your hands and feet, then I will give you head, do not make a sound
  12. Try to give yourself head
  13. Give me head for three full songs, or until I cum, whichever comes first
  14. Give me a hickey on my chest
  15. Take off my underwear using only your teeth
  16. (For women) Let me use a dildo on you until you squirt
  17. Moan as loud as you can
  18. (For men) Jack off until you cum while I record you
  19. (For women) Finger yourself until you cum while I record you
  20. Sit on my lap with no clothes on
  21. Invite one of your friends over for threesome
  22. Put on the sexiest song you know, and give me a naked lap dance
  23. (For women) Ride my penis for 3 minutes only (if you go longer it’s a penalty)
  24. Let me sit on your face while you give me head
  25. Make me cum without touching my privates
  26. Let me record you giving me head for the next two minutes
  27. Play with yourself for the next 3 rounds
  28. Do me in your favourite position
  29. Rub on your nipples until they become hard
  30. Try to do a naked split


In conclusion, it is important to note that truth or dare questions are a great way to create a fun atmosphere. The game has been in existence for decades and is open for people of all ages. The questions asked greatly depend on the relationship of the players. Any dark or prying questions should be avoided to prevent awkward situations.

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