Best Home Remedies For Hair Lice


People are getting more and more interested in using home remedies, and home remedies for lice is a no exception. Actually there are number of treatments for lice that are natural and proven methods which will help you with hair lice problem.
We are sharing here some home remedies for lice, which have been used by number of people with great results. What is special in using home remedies is that most of the time they are low cost, safe and effective. Before you try a toxic method, it’s better to look for an alternative natural treatment.

Combing with Oil method as a home remedy for lice


Combing is the oldest and the safest method of getting rid of head lice. First of all you have to have a proper nit comb to start with. The regular ones wont work effectively. Use a professional nit Comb for the best results.Go through the hair by taking small section at a time. Separate the hair in to small parts; you can use a hair clip to do this. It is also very effective to apply some Almond or Olive Oil in the comb or on the hair before you starts combing. Regular combing is advised, 3 times a day on the first week at least. After one week, continue the treatment at least one time a day.

Olive Oil

You can then use a regular shampoo to rinse the hair. Repeat the steps again. It’s important that you clean the comb properly after the treatment as well as the towels used to wipe the hair. To clean the comb properly you can boil it in water for like 15 minutes of soak in vinegar for half an hour.
Combing needs patience on both the parents and the children and also can be time consuming. But when done properly, you can get rid of the lice and nits effectively. Combing well with the nit comb make sure that the eggs get out. If you are looking for a total non toxic way to treat head lice, combing is the best treatment.

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Tee Tree Oil method for getting rid of head lice

Tea Tree Oil is the next best method for getting rid of the hair lice and nits. Technically, Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil derived from a plant called “Melaleuca” . A head lice tea tree oil treatment is one of the recommended treatments, because of the oil’s natural antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial features.
To make this home remedy for head lice tea tree oil treatment, you’ll need: tea tree oil, olive oil and Cotton balls.

Tea tree oilFirst of all, mix the 2 ounces of Olive oil with 20 drops of tea tree oil. Dab this into the hair using clean cotton balls, changing them out as you go. Allow the mix to stay in the hair for about 12 hours , before you rinse off with a regular shampoo. You can easily reapply the tea tree spray frequently as a way to help prevent re-infestations.
An alternative home remedy for head lice, tea tree oil can be mixed with alcohol like Vodka (if you don’t mind the smell) and sprayed into the hair.

  • Please not that a  head lice tea tree oil treatment is not a substitute for combing the hair.Combing is still necessary, regardless of the oils, natural gels, etc you use.
  • Before you use the Tee tree oil, please test for skin sensitivity or allergy.
  • Please do not apply tree tea oil directly to the scalp.

Alo vera Gel Method as a home remedies for lice

This method uses a nit comb with Alo vera Gel. Coat the aloe gel on the hair and comb it out the a nit lice comb. You can wipe the comb it off on paper towels. This will leave the hair soft and clean without even washing it out. Repeat this on a daily basis for one week. After one week as you begin to see the results, you can reduce the treatment for 2-3 days per week schedule. Lot of parents has found this method successful.

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Alo vera gelThese are all proven, natural ways to getting rid of lice. It is worth trying the natural remedies before using potentially dangerous pesticides. There are also other treatments that people are using like, Garlic, Mayonnaise, Coconut oil, Essential oils, Apple Cider Vinegar, Neem Oil Shampoo, treatment etc.

How to prevent head lice and nits?

Prevention is the most important part of the head lice problem. And actually is quite simple. Keep a proper nit comb (something similar to I have recommended before) and once a week do the coming with oil treatment. This will help you catch things early, and also stop an infestation before it even starts.

Regardless of the treatment you choose to get rid of head lice, it’s important that you check on a daily basis. Combing out the hair is absolutely necessary to get rid of the lice. Cleaning the hair brushes, combs and towels on a regular basis help in hair lice prevention. Apart from trying to use home remedies for lice, it’s recommended that you see a trained medical professional for proper diagnosis and get treatment for head lice or if there are other concerns.

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