How To Kill Lice Eggs


Lice infestation or pediculosis is widely popular, with predominance among children aged between from 4 to 11 years old owing to their loose hanging hair. Tiny parasites in pale cream or grey brown colors, the lice strongly hold on with their 6 legs to the hair shafts and travel among hairs, head to head. Once on the head, they firmly settle behind the ears and on the back of the neck, as safe haven due to friendly temperature.

lice eggs

Conducive factors

A person’s scalp temperature, location and hairstyle matter. Warmer temperature behind ears and the nape of neck are ideal grounds for lice to lay eggs and thrive. Therefore lotions are applied for longer periods covering such warm areas with particular emphasis.

Mushroom growth

The female lice hatch 10 days after laying the eggs; feeding on blood sucked from the scalps, they become fully grown in 10 days’ time when more eggs will be laid, with the process continuing cyclically. So their growth is very phenomenal.

First sign

When there is infestation on a person’s head, itching starts which can be confirmed by using a closely- toothed comb preferably on a hair made wet with a conditioner. Lice and the eggs will be swept by the comb indicating the presence.

Lice Eggs

How to kill lice eggs?

No single treatment or substance is known to destroy 100% lice and nits on one stroke; still no need to despair as many methods exist offering relief such as wet combing, dry combing, and use of natural substances, chemical components, hot air, silicon-based lotions, and shaving for limited periods. In all these, the number of applications should cover the hatching period fully with overlay.

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While giving 7-day delousing treatments, additional doses are to be applied covering and exceeding the hatching period of 10 days so all living lice and eggs are destroyed without leaving out any of them. A few suffocating lotions when applied on heads kill only the live lice and not the eggs; so such lotions are not cent percent effective.

Combing method

After moisturizing the hair with pesticide-free shampoo first, combing of the hair is done multiple times for prolonged period covering area by area when all lice and eggs will get dislodged through the comb. This is fruitful when done with patience and persistence.


Use of metallic comb (with close teeth with not more than 0.3 mm gap) capable of sweeping the lice and eggs is to be chosen, so How To Kill Lice Eggs ends up a success.

Use of electronic comb

This is a comb similar to the fine-toothed comb above, but with having alternate electrical charges in its teeth through a battery. When used on a dry hair, lice and eggs establish contacts with the charged teeth closing the circuit causing electrical shocks resulting in their death.


Shampoos and natural items are found not fully effective in killing lice and eggs as parents also do not continue the practice systematically covering the entire hatching period of lice; also they are too anxious to wait and complete the cycle.


Home remedies

And home remedies including bug spray, kerosene along with mayonnaise and petroleum jelly are effective killing lice eggs in a limited way.

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Hot air treatment

  • This is the most effective method. Machine used for this is a Nit (lice eggs)-busting machine, portable and  similar to a vacuum cleaner with a long hose blowing hot air, killing lice and eggs effectively.
  • Hot air is directed on the hair for 30 mts following a pattern on the head, covering all areas and delivered hot air through the applicator fitted at the end of the hose. It is then followed up with combing out all dead lice and eggs, and applying a bug suffocating solution to kill the hatched bugs that might have survived the hot air. As a preventive measure, bedding also is to be subjected to this hot air treatment and bug suffocating solution.
  • Research reveals that 98% of eggs and 80% of hatched eggs are killed by the hot air method.

But advanced variation of machines show 99.2% efficiency in the lice killing. Counselling and coaching on the process is also given to families for following them for effective attack on lice infestation.


Total shaving is resorted to for short spells when head lice continue menacingly. However, particularly for ladies, tonsuring is not a likeable option.

Lice treatment centers

Today big cities in many countries have seen lice treatment centers cropping up with dehydration techniques using nit-busters-hot air devices, which guarantees most effective relief in the “How To Kill Lice Eggs” battle.

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