Natural Lice Treatment


Accepting the truth and treating it carefully

It often takes time for us to accept the embarrassing truth that we have been infected by lice. Who would like to scratch their heads all throughout the day? It only makes him or her look untidy and you are left embarrassed every other moment. Be it an office board meeting or a party at your home; just imagine yourself scratching your head vehemently to get relief from lice. You may feel relieved after a prolonged scratch of the head but the specter may not be a welcoming sight for the people around you. And remember it is contagious too. It is not just tacky but also leaves you deserted in a corner all by yourself.

Lice originates from dirt but it is not always so. Lice do thrive in clean hair as well. And the most disgusting fact is that they may nestle in your body hair and beard too. So how do we get rid of them? But before you search for the remedy you must be strong enough to own up to the fact that you have been attacked by these lice. Once that has set inside your mind, do not panic and be calm and patient. Patience is the key to succeed in eliminating lice from your body.

The following are some remedies that may help you to eradicate these tiny pests.

Remedies that help treat lice

There are a number of pesticides and medicated shampoos that claim to kill lice and make your hair free from them. But the sad news is the modern day lice have become all the more strong and immune to these medicines. The conventional ways of dousing your hair in a foul smelling tar-like shampoo for hours before you can get the chance to wash them off. But these are not at all permanent solutions and it is never too long before you are again infested with these little pests. So it is better to follow some steps which include natural lice treatments and help you to curb the infestation up to a great extent.

  • Using a nit comb is a very primitive yet successful remedy for the lice. These nit combs are extensively used by the professional nitpickers to brush off the lice and the lice eggs from your hair. This method is probably the most cost effective but you should be careful enough as to brush off every single lice and lice egg. This is because remnant of one lice egg can cause another outbreak.
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  • Suffocating the lice with a blend of mineral oils can be another natural remedy. Bio-chemicals along with coconut or olive oil can be blended together and applied on the scalp. This suffocates the lice as it cuts off the air and thus kills them. The proper method includes applying apple cider vinegar on your scalp. The hair should be left to dry and once dried, coconut or olive oil is applied to suffocate the lice. Then the hair is left like that for at least eight hours to give time to the lice to suffocate and die. Once that is done you can shampoo off your hair and comb it properly with a nit comb. This is because suffocation may kill the lice but they do not affect the nit.

coconut oil

  • Enzyme based soaps often helps in breaking down the exoskeleton of the lice and kill the nits. Then you can use the nit comb to eradicate the dead lice from your hair. The diatomaceous earth is also useful in this regard but since it makes your hair dry and brittle you should consider it as the last option for Natural Lice Treatment.

diatomaceous earth

  • Salt and Vinegar and oil can be another natural concoction to kill the nits and the lice and they does have commendable results.

treat lice

  • Then again natural oils like the tea tree oil and lavender oil act as pesticides which kill the lice from their roots and make your head free from them.

lavender oil

Point to be noted

It is must to wash or dispose of pillow covers bed sheets or towels that you have been using during the infected days. Or else there are chances of these lice coming back to harm you.

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