12 Exercises To Get A Better Bum


Have you always wanted to have strong, well-toned glutes? These exercises target the glutes and other lower body muscles to give you lifted and shapely buttocks.



This is one of the older exercises to tone up the lower body muscles. The squats hit the core muscles, the quads and the glutes. To amplify the hit on the glutes, take a wider stance with the toes pointing outwards when you execute this exercise. Maintain proper form throughout the motion for best results and to avoid injury.

Kneeling squats

The kneeling squats shorten the range of motion of regular squats, thus taking away impact on the knee joints and concentrating the hit on your core muscles and buttocks. As the name implies, this exercise starts from the kneeling position and then proceeds to slowly lower your glutes down to your heels, and then steadily rise back up.


Just like the squats, the lunges hit the entire lower body muscles. Do the lunges by taking a step forward, then lowering your torso down until the thigh and buttocks are at the same level with your knee, and then return to the starting position. Repeat the movement with the other leg. Do 10 reps for each leg. You can also do the exercise with dumbbells for added resistance.


Walking lunges

While similar to lunges, the walking lunge requires a distance of at least four to five meters where you can move forward as you execute the lunges. Walking lunges not only strengthen the lower muscles that include the glutes, it also trains you for balance.

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Flutter kicks

Flutter kicks isolate the lower back and glute muscles. To execute this exercise, lie face down on a bench or an exercise ball with your lower torso hanging over the edge of the bench or ball. Flex your glute muscles and straighten your legs until they are level with the bench. Lift your legs higher in an alternating, scissor-like pattern. This exercise tones and strengthens your glutes.

Butt lifts

One of the easier exercises on this list, the butt lift, is an effective exercise for toning and strengthening the glutes and lower back muscles. To do butt-lifts, lie down with your back flat, your knees bent and your feet flat against the floor. In one motion, push your glutes upward, forming an arch with your back. Return to starting position. Repeat until you finish your set of reps.

Leg lifts

A popular exercise among the ladies, it can also benefit the guys by firming and toning up their glutes. This is also a fairly simple exercise. Start by holding on to a chair or anything to help you keep your balance. Lift one of your legs as high as you can backwards without leaning forward. Repeat until you complete your desired number of reps for each leg.

Glute kickbacks

The glute kickbacks target the glutes squarely and strengthen the lower back muscles. Get down on all fours to begin this exercise. Start with either leg by lifting it up as high as possible backward, go halfway back down and repeat until you complete your reps. Do the same for the other leg.

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Step ups

This exercise replicates the motion of going up the stairs, which is a motion that hits your quads and your glutes. For this exercise, you need the step-up platforms or any stable and sturdy platform that you have. Step up onto the platform then go back down again, alternating the pattern with your left and right legs.

Kettlebell squat swings

Although the execution of this exercise is simple, you need to make sure to firmly grip the kettlebell. To execute, stand with your feet apart while holding the kettlebell with both your hands. Lower the kettlebell between your feet, barely touching the floor, and then swing it upwards until it is level with your head.


Downward facing balance

This is an intermediate level exercise for people who have a higher level of athleticism. Lie face down on the exercise ball. While balancing yourself with your hands extended in front of you, flex your glutes then bring both your legs straight up. Lower your legs down, then repeat.

Barbell glute bridge

Like the previous entry, you should only do this exercise if you are fit and strong enough to do it. Lie on your back as if you are doing a butt-lift, only this time you have a bar with plates across your upper legs. Complete the motion as you would a butt-lift ensuring that the bar is well balanced on your upper legs. Use a foam or a pad on the bar to relieve any discomfort because of the weight.

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