8 Common Symptoms Of Menopause And Natural Remedies


1. Hot flushes and natural remedies for menopause

One of the symptoms many women around the curtains ages often experience are hot flashes. Research conducted by scientists reveals that a huge number of western women suffering from menopause are experiencing these irritating and exhausting hot showers. Some women suffer from hot flashes several times a day while others experiences more severe flashes. The good news is that there are natural remedies for menopause that can help as menopause remedy for hot flashes.

Hot flushes

Average women experiences hot flashes at around the age of 47 years for the first time and they can head up to ten years after your last period persist. How the mechanism of hot flashes work still remains a mystery. It has all to do with the way the estrogen levels drop, causing the body thermostat to affect the brain and the body is stimulated to promote heat loss. But the variation in the levels of other hormones plays a role. Female rejuvenator is a natural remedies for menopause supplement can help restore estrogen hormone level and help end hot flashes.

Other natural home remedies for hot flashes

  • Avoid sugars and fats.
  • Put plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables rich in polyphenols on the menu, such as grapes, cherries, black berries and leafy vegetables.

black berries

  • Bioflavonoids also help to temper the impulses. They are among more peppers, tomatoes and citrus pulp and white.
  • Keep your blood sugar stable by getting something to eat every four hours.
  • Other good natural remedies for menopause that can be prepared at home to correct hot flashes are herbal tea or capsules of sage, yarrow, red clover, ginseng, bush ide, licorice root, wild yamwortel, kuisboombes or dong quai.
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herbal tea

  • Take in consultation with your doctor vitamins E, C, selenium and lecithin: working enlightening.
  • Wear loose clothing in natural fabrics and go for layers, so you can easily pull something off when you get warm.

2. Night sweats and Natural remedies for menopause

At night being bathed in sweat is really just an extension of the daytime hot flashes. There are several natural remedies for menopause that can help get rid of the late night sweats.

Other natural approaches

  • Sleep with the window open and keep the bedroom cool.
  • Put a glass of water and a damp sponge on your nightstand. And using your sweat sponge during an attack usually brings quick relief.
  • Select cotton sheets and a cotton nightgown (better than a pajama).
  • Lavender oil on a cotton ball on your pillow has a calming effect.

Lavender oi

3. Insomnia and menopause natural remedies

Sleep disorders – and the accompanying fatigue – are a major problem in the transition years. They have everything to do with hormone fluctuations and put your normal sleep cycle in a mess,  also carrying along many other symptoms of menopause. Natural remedies for menopause like female rejuvenator and other supplement Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil will help stabilize your body hormone.

Omega 3

4. Vaginal dryness / pain during sex and natural remedies for menopause

During menopause, your vaginal walls become thinner and less elastic, making it more susceptible to infections. Possible consequence: itching, burning, abnormal discharge and an unpleasant odor. As estrogen declines it is also less likely your vagina is as moist as before, which may be painful during sex. If you take female rejuvenator it will help. It is a good natural remedies for menopause

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5. Cystitis and natural remedies for menopause

The bladder is a reservoir where the urine through the ureters accrues, is temporarily stored. If the lining of the bladder is infected with bacteria from the urine, the person in question may catch a bladder infection or cystitis. Normally there are no bacteria in the urine, but around the anus and intestine. This allows them sometimes in the urethra and from there into the wind stream. In women it is easier than men because their urethra is much shorter.

Estrogen has an important role in maintaining a healthy bladder and urinary tract, even preventing infections. As estrogen levels drop sharply during the transition, it is logical that bladder and urinary tract are now more easily infected. Consider Natural remedies for menopause supplement like female rejuvenator to help your home level which eventually increase the eastrogen level.

6. Weight gain and natural remedies for menopause

We can not ignore the fact that for most women the transition is associated with a weight gain of several kilograms. It has to do that when your metabolism slows down during this period, so you will consume fewer calories. In other words, if you continue eating the same as before, there will be an inevitable weight gain. With the decline in estrogen levels you will also notice that changes are taking place in your body. If you do manage to keep the number on the scale low, chances are that your pants or skirts that still fit one years ago would no longer fit.

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7. Mood fluctuations and natural remedies for menopause

For many women, mood swings are inextricably linked with menopause as they are related to hormone fluctuations. Estrogen is apparent irritation to provoke, while progesterone as an antidepressant is working. In the menopause stage, progesterone levels fall faster than that of estrogen, which may explain the emotional disorder. Come to think of it, the transition period is also a change and every change brings with stress. That stress can in turn enhance the emotional symptoms like fatigue, which many menopausal women suffer. Already a consolation: the emotional outbursts are transient.

mood swings

8. Libido loss and natural remedies for menopause

With age, reduces all bodily functions. That the need for sex in some people decreases is not really surprising. As the production of sex hormones decreases with age women who have pain during sex (see above), often have no desire for it. The man can also have to deal with sexual problems due to changing hormone levels and other signs of aging, but that does not mean you are now condemned to a sexless life.

In conclusion there are several natural remedies for menopause however, most women have found Female Rejuvenator more useful. Xtend-life Female Rejuvenator works for most women with menopause. It contains all necessary proven ingredients that are already clinically proven.

You can take Female Rejuvenator as a stand-alone product or with other xtend-life products like Total Balance Women’s Premium and Omega 3/DHA fish oil for better result. The combination will make best natural remedies for menopause.


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