Best Ways How To Relieve Gas In Stomach


Among the most common disorders people encounter is flatulence. And you probably experienced what sort of discomfort flatulence may bring. But by studying the next few points on bloating, you will know how to get rid of gas in stomach successfully.

Main factors behind Bloating

The best thing to do first is to find out the causes of our problem and after determining the best way to resolve the problem. Mainly it emanates from inappropriate eating. There are certain food items affecting your digestive tract and bring about irritable bowel syndrome. Some of such foods are broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, beans and pulses and other fruits and vegetables.


The causes of this disorder can vary dependent upon your individual condition, and not always linked to what you are eating. Stomach gasses can be caused by menopause or by some other completely natural things like being pregnant. In general, this problem is a manifestation of digestive disorder or overgrowth of the bacteria known as Candida. There is even a probability that your stomach gasses are caused by parasitic organisms in your bowel. For this reason, it is strongly recommended you visit a professional before trying anything on your own.

A good thing to carry out is talk to a professional first after which you can makes use of the medicine or any other treatment that will resolve your problem. Should you choose to act on your own, its possible youll damage your digestive system. Excruciating pains in your stomach might be the next difficulty youll experience if you do not take care of this condition in time. What you could get from your physician is a unique diet determined by your personal issues and your medical condition. Due to the fact every affected person is individual, one can suffer from flatulence after consuming cabbage or beans, while other could have trouble after consuming dairy products.

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Some tips on how to get rid of gas in stomach

There are medicines that you can take to help relieve gas pain. Some of these medicines include Gas-X and Gas Relief. These medicines reduce the amount of gas in your stomach and help you get over the pain that you have experienced. If you do not have access to these medications at the time that you are experiencing gas pain, there are some home remedies that can help.

  • It is advisable to cook then consume the foods that may trigger IBS. You may experience more difficulties when you eat some foodstuffs like brussel sprouts, beans, cabbage and other vegetables raw due to the sugar inside them.
  • You need to strive to reduce the intake of food made of starch. They are digested in your large intestines, creating gassy stomach, so you should stay away from all foods that are produced from flour, like noodles, bread and corn potatoes.
  • If dairy products are one of the foods that cause your IBS, then minimize daily consuming them too. And definitely never consume these later in the day. A natural sugar that’s present in these items is believed to be the primary reason for gassy stomach.
  • Gas in stomach can be relieved by drinking certain types of beverages.

These beverages include tea and other hot drinks. Although it may seem crude, burping can also relieve gas in stomach. Peppermint tea decreases bloating, displeasure and soothe pains, so its advisable to drink it every day. If you are having big issues with gassy stomach, you need to have this tea in the evening.

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Burping releases some of the gases that have built up in your stomach and this can relieve the pain that you are going through. There are a variety of other remedies that some people suggest to get rid of stomach gas. These include eating ginger, baking soda, or charcoal.

One other tried and true method of relieving the pain of gas is to do some type of exercise. Performing exercises can help move the gases in your body so that they will dissipate and you will experience relief from these pains. Another way to help relieve the gas pain is to apply a heat to your body. You can do this either through the use of a heating pad or perhaps by taking a hot bath.


Finally, one last way to relieve your symptoms of gas in stomach is to lie down and try to relax. Lying in a certain position may help speed up the relief of your pain. All of these tactics are good ideas to try if you are experiencing gas pain.

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