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At one point, we could eat almost anything you want and do not hear too much about the risks, unless they were on a diet. Today, however, almost everything we put into our lips are giving our bodies what is called bad cholesterol, or at least seems that way.

Cholesterol is a soft, waxy, fatty substance that is made by the body. It is in all cells and can be found in all parts of the body, including skin, blood vessels, muscles, and so on. Since your body creates cholesterol actively, we can assume that the cholesterol in your body that is not necessarily bad. In fact, you can not eliminate all the cholesterol in your body if you tried.


Now, you may wonder if there is bad cholesterol, good cholesterol is there? The answer is yes. So, you know the difference, the bad cholesterol known as LDL or low density cholesterol while good cholesterol known as HDL or high density. Both types of cholesterol are moving around your bloodstream, however, LDL can begin to accumulate on the inner walls of arteries when there is too much of this type of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is important for the body. Cells use cholesterol as a building block in the creation of its protective membrane. Studies have shown that “good” HDL cholesterol protects against heart disease and stroke, although “bad” LDL cholesterol are high. High HDL – is a form of cholesterol that circulates in the bloodstream. One of his jobs is to remove excess cholesterol from body tissues and transport to the liver where it is excreted from the body. This process of taking out the garbage or cleaning the bloodstream is why HDL is called good cholesterol, and also why it is beneficial for your body to a relatively high level of HDL. Some researchers say that an HDL of 60 mg per deciliter (mg dl) or more is good and will protect against hardening of the arteries and lower your risk of heart disease.Good cholesterol helps prevent dangerous blood clots dissident – that can be caused by sitting in a cramped position for too long. Cholesterol also helps the production of vitamin D in the body of the sun. And there’s more cholesterol is good for the body.

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There is also a second source of cholesterol. Cholesterol in the diet are foods we eat. Can be found only in animal foods and food that raises the level of bad cholesterol in your body. There have been many studies over the years that establish a link between high consumption of dietary cholesterol to coronary heart disease. In other words, high cholesterol foods we eat, the better our chance of developing heart disease or stroke.


Bad cholesterol can clog the arteries, which can cause heart attacks or stroke. To know if you have too much bad cholesterol that you need a cholesterol test taken. The test measures the amount of good and bad cholesterol in the blood.

If you have high cholesterol, your doctor will prescribe a medication to lower cholesterol. On the other hand, there are other ways to lower your cholesterol and keep it under control without medication in most cases. The main way to reduce cholesterol is to eat foods that are cholesterol and fat free or one percent dairy products, fish, lean meats, whole grains, skinless poultry, fruits and vegetables. You should also watch the type of margarine you use and buy only those that are low in saturated fat and contain no trans fats.


Some foods are high in bad cholesterol as egg yolks, liver, organ meats, and dairy foods. According to the American Heart Association for anyone over the age of 2 Total fat intake should be less than 25 to 35% of the total intake of calories each day, intake of cholesterol should be below 300 mg per day , trans fat consumption is less than 1% and the consumption of saturated fats should be less than 7% per day.

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Along with managing your diet can also include healthy supplements that help lower cholesterol and bad cholesterol as Cholarest SC ArteClear. You can even test your own cholesterol level with the test lipid panel blood cholesterol. Instead of spending extra money visiting the doctor that you can learn at home in your levels of good cholesterol and bad with the Group’s lipid cholesterol blood test. Once you learn the results, or even earlier to ensure they are working to help lower cholesterol can always add the supplements mentioned above. The ArteClear is ideal for balancing the diet to reduce the scourge that is the main cause of hardening of the arteries. SC Cholarest aid levels to support healthy blood lipids.

By contrast, low levels of HDL, such as less than 40 mg/dl, has a negative effect. Many studies indicate that low HDL combined with a high level of LDL appears to be a precursor of heart disease

You can control your cholesterol. The total amount of cholesterol in your body at any point of time is a function of how fast your HDL level and liver can cleanse your system which is the existing cholesterol along with the amount of cholesterol in the diet that you have eaten during the last hours.

Controlling the amount of cholesterol in your body allows a large part of their lifestyle that can be modified to decrease the chance of heart disease or stroke. According to the American Heart Association, if you eat less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day, you can significantly reduce cholesterol levels. By paying greater attention to the foods, you eat can help to assure himself of a long and healthy life.

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