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If you are suffering from the prostate cancer, you need to find out the treatment options as soon as possible. If you treat the prostate cancer early, the possibility of getting cured is really high. At the same time, if you delay or play a waiting game, the prostate cancer could be proved as a fatal one.

There are various types of prostate cancer treatment available out of which a few are the standard treatment procedures and a few are the latest types of prostate cancer treatment procedures. Oncologists specialize in different types of treatment procedures. Where are a few specialize in surgery, a few others specialize in radiation therapy or chemotherapy and still a few others in the latest HIFU.

Prostate cancer treatment is designed in such a way that they meet the unique needs of each individual suffering from prostate cancer. The treatment decision, however, is based on the prostate cancer type, grade and stage of the cancer, general health and age of the patient, metastasis, and personal preference the individual has for treatment.

Prostate cancer

The various options for treatment are:

  • Watchful waiting/active surveillance

The individual needs to undergo regular checkups every 3 months or 6 months and wait for the symptoms to take an active turn.

  • Surgery

People with sound health are generally suggested surgery as they can recuperate easily post operation. Pelvic lymph node dissection, radical prostatectomy and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) are the different options available in surgery.

  • Radiation therapy

Treatment through this procedure involves using powerful x-rays of high energy levels and different types of radiations too to kill the cancer cells and stall their growth.

  • Hormone therapy

The hormones that are responsible for the cancer are either removed or blocked from further acting in the body.

  • Chemo therapy

A type of treatment where drugs are used to arrest the growth and further division of cancer causing cells.

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This particular type of therapy is the most popular among the treatment options available for the prostate cancer. Most of the cancer patients are now opting for this treatment. In case of chemotherapy, the patient is treated with drugs made up of different types of venom. The success rate of this type of therapy is quite high. If a prostate cancer patient responses to this type of therapy then the chance of getting rid of prostate cancer is really high.

However, there could be side effects of this therapy and the side effects could be really severe. You may have to spend handsome amount of money, if you take the help of chemotherapy to get rid of prostate cancer. This is one of the best known and used among all available prostate cancer treatment options.


  • Light therapy 

Light therapy is also quite popular among the prostate cancer patients. In case of light therapy, light rays of really high intensity thrown on the cancerous tissues to burn them out.

The chance of side effects is not that much high in case of the light therapy. However, there is a chance of innocent tissue getting burned due to the effects of the light.
The cost of light therapy is also less than the chemotherapy. Not much ultra modern equipment is required for this type of therapy and that is why the patient doesnt have to go to an ultra modern hospital to get the help of this therapy.

The latest types of treatment are:

  • Cryotherapy

This treatment makes use of a special instrument to freeze or destroy the cancer causing cells.

  • High intensity focused ultrasound

Popular as HIFU, high energy sound waves are used to destroy the cancer cells with the help of an endorectal probe.

  • Biologic therapy

The immune system of the patient is used to fight cancer and an effort to restore the natural defenses of the body against cancer is activated.

  • Proton beam radiation therapy

This is an external radiation therapy which targets the tumors through a stream of protons.

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As mentioned earlier, treatment options can best be decided by the doctor depending on the individual requirement.

Simple medicines prostate cancer treatment options

If the prostate cancer is detected early, then it could be cured with the help of simple medicines. Yes, simple chemical medicines. It is only possible in case of the nascent stage of cancer.
You don’t have to spend much, if you get rid of prostate cancer by taking simple medicines. There could be side effects of these medicines.


Now homeopathy claims that it could cure prostate cancer successfully. It has been also proved. However, if you take the help of homeopathy medicines to kick out the cancerous cells from your prostate, you may have to be a bit patient as it is a well known fact that homeopathy takes a bit of time to act.

As the other homeopathy drugs, the homeopathy prostate cancer drugs are also available at really cheap price. You may get rid of prostate cancer by spending a very small amount of money, if you opt for homeopathy.

Generally, there is no side effect of homeopathy drugs. So there is no need to fear about the side effects. By far this is one of the best discover your prostate cancer treatment options.

HIFU sonablate treatment

For many men with localized prostate cancer, one preferred treatment is using HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound. There are a few different devices that have been developed to provide this relatively new prostate cancer treatment including the Ablatherm and Sonablate devices. Ablatherm is manufactured by EDAP in France and implemented at the Cleveland Clinic Canada for North American procedures by Maple Leaf HIFU. The Sonablate is made by Focus Surgery Inc.

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The Sonablate 500 similar to the Ablatherm HIFU device, provides a real time scan of the prostate and surrounding organs and areas so the tumors and areas to be treated can be pinpointed before starting the procedure. Some differences in the Sonablate vs. Ablatherm HIFU treatment are outlined in this video.

The Sonablate HIFU and Ablatherm HIFU units use ultrasound technology. Typically there is a console with monitor, an emergency stop button, secure probe arm that articulates and the transrectal probe.


The first step in any HIFU procedure is to take an image of the prostate to allow the software to map where the probe will go and what areas the treatment will focus on. The physician or physicians monitor the computer controlled procedure in real time and make fine adjustments as needed. Neurovascular Bundle Detection (NVB) allows the treating physician to detect the location of blood vessels surrounding critical structures and nerve bundles. This helps to plan and map the treatment. Currently the Sonablate HIFU device is not approved by the FDA, so can only be used for trials in the U.S.

The Ablatherm device has successfully been used in Toronto, Canada for over 6 years in treating hundreds of patients successfully.

Either Sonablate or Ablatherm sure represent a huge technological advance over traditional invasive surgery that involves incissions, a complex operation and lengthy recovery.


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