Gas Pain Relief Remedies For Gas Pain


Many people burp or pass gas very often. This cannot only be embarrassing but can also cause severe pain sometimes. It can also cause a lot of discomfort. Studies reveal that average adults tend to burp 1-3 gas pints daily. This comes out through the anus approximately 14-23 times daily.

Gas pain can be a real illness to some people. This is because the pain from this gas can be very intense making some people feel seriously ill. However, there are some gas pain relief remedies which one can use while at home.

gas pain

Gas pain relief

  • Use ginger powder black salt and pounded seeds of carom to make a mixture. All should be in equal amounts. For fast gas pain relief, this mixture should be taken after meal.
  • You can as well take a ginger piece, sprinkle some lemon juice on it, then add some black salt. You should take this as you have your meals.
  • Another gas pain relief remedy is that of cinnamon powder. You make cinnamon powder and boil it in one glass of water. You should take this solution one hour before taking your meals. This acts as a preventive remedy as it prevents formation of gas in the stomach.

cinnamon powder

  • Asafoetida can also act as a gas pain relief remedy. You make powder from it then mix it in one glass of water. The water should be warm. You should take approximately 20mls of this mixture daily.
  • You can also try chamomile, peppermint teas or fennel. Peppermint has methanol, which has antispasmodic effects on the digestive track muscles. This acts as the most reliable and effective gas pain relief used by many people at home.
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peppermint teas

  • In case you want an immediate gas pain relief remedy, you can try pulling legs up to the chest as you lie on your back. This will expel gas from the stomach.

The amount of gas produced in the body depends on various individual factors and the diet one consumes.

Causes of gas pain

  • Avoiding gas pain is the best gas pain relief remedy. However, you need to know what causes gas pain for you to avoid it. Among the most common causes of gas pain include;
  • Swallowed air: Sometimes, individuals swallow some air as they drink or eat. Air can also be swallowed when one is nervous. This air causes pain when it finds its way to the lower part of the digestive tract.
  • Fermented carbohydrates: When bacteria found in the colon ferment the carbohydrates in the small intestine, they may cause some gases as well.
  • High fiber foods: Foods like peas, beans and even whole grain can cause gas in the stomach despite being healthy foods. This is due to their high fiber content.


  • Dairy products: Consumption of dairy products can also cause gas in the stomach. This is because your body may be unable to digest the lactose in these products.
  • Some medicine such as constipating drugs and antibiotics can cause gas in the stomach. This is because they interfere with proper functioning of the bacteria, which live in the bowel.
  • Eating in a hurry or under stress can also result to gas in the stomach. This is because it interferes with proper digestion causing gas in the stomach.
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  • Smoking also causes some gas to be inhaled together with smoke causing gas pain.

If you need to have the best gas pain relief remedy, you need to know how you can avoid factors and mannerisms, which causes gas in the stomach.

How to avoid gas pain

  • Knowing the kind of foods and mannerism one should avoid is one of the best gas pain relief remedies. Gas pain can be avoided by;
  • Slow eating: When an individual eat fast, they interfere with proper food digestion. This leads to accumulation of gases in the stomach and eventually gas pain.
  • Walking: It is advisable to walk for at least 500 meters after taking a meal. This ensures that any gas that could have been inhaled together with meals is exhaled.


  • Reduce smoking: When one is smoking, there are high chances of some air being inhaled together with smoke. As such, it is advisable to avoid smoking if you want a fast gas pain relief.
  • Avoid fatty foods: Fatty foods result to slowed digestion. Avoiding them will lead to reduced gas accumulation in the stomach.
  • Avoid the food that you find affecting you the most.
  • Avoid using a straw when drinking. This is because a straw can make you swallow some air as you drink the fluid.

Gas pain can be very disturbing. It becomes even worse if it is a baby who is having the pain. However, it is important to ascertain that the baby is indeed having gas pain before administering any gas pain relief.

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