High protein diet plan


Protein is an essential element required by the organism for normal functioning. We consume proteins with our daily meals even not caring about the amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats we are consuming daily. We are used to eating the products we like. However, investigating the issue of healthy nutrition may show you that not all the products are the same useful and nourishing. Some of them supply fats to our body which the organism can not process. Some of the products are just junk foods used to stuff the stomach.


Once you decide to take care of your food consider high protein low carb diet plan. This is a special plan of the products, their quantity and quality you should consume to restore the protein level in your body.

Why it is essential to restore proteins in the body?

Proteins build the muscle tissues, bones and blood thus building your body. The lack of protein will lead to weakening and overall health condition worsening. High protein diet plan will also contribute to muscle growth and muscle weight gaining.

There are several ways to increase protein consumption in your body. You can use high protein nutritionals or enrich your diet with some foods with high protein contain.


However, when keeping to a high protein diet plan you should take care not only of the quantity of the protein consumed but of the quality of the products you eat daily.

To calculate your daily necessary amount of protein you should measure your weight. You should consume 0.8g of protein for each kilogram of your body mass.

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What products are rich in protein and are suitable for a High protein diet plan?

First product you can think is red meat being a perfect source of protein. However to preserve the protein in the meat you should keep to the certain rules of cooking. Use only fresh meat. Try not to freeze it or expose to low temperatures for a long period of time. It is better to give preference to boiling or stewing of the meat instead of roasting it.

You should supplement your nutrition with eggs, milk, cheese which perform an additional source of protein. You should not also forget about the protein containing vegetables. These are red beans and rice.

All the products of your high protein low carb diet plan should be boiled or stewed. You should give preference to the whole grain bread and low fat milk. Do not forget about sea foods and fish which perform another source of protein. These can be salmon, cuddle fish, caviar and others.

You should keep in mind that a high protein low carb diet plan should be balanced. It means that it should provide to your body enough of microelements, nutrients and essential elements to normal functioning of your body. You should not totally eliminate fats and carbohydrates from your nutrition plan as these are essentially important.

Such a balanced nutrition will help to improve your overall health condition, gain some muscle weight and eliminate digestion problems and disorders as the plans of high protein diet offer just healthy food which can not harm your body.

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Protein Diet Meal Shake Mix

  • 40 Serving economic climate size.
  • 35 grams of High quality Protein.
  • Only three grams of Carbohydrates & no added sugars.
  • Omega three, 6, & 9 Fatty Acids.
  • A balanced vitamin and mineral profile.
  • Naturally and artificially flavored.
  • Sweetened with Splenda Brand.
  • The unique nutritional profile of Complete Protein Diet regime Meal Shakes complements a wide variety of personal nutrition goals.

Just about every satisfying serving provides an exclusive 35-gram blend of protein (derived from 6 high quality sources) with just 3 grams of carbohydrates and only 1 gram of sugar. The thorough vitamin and mineral combination plus Omega-3, 6, and 9 Fatty Acids round out this formula and separate it from all other shake mixes on the market.

Complete Protein Diet program for the nutrition, taste, convenience, and superior high quality you have come to expect from Optimum Nutrition. Notice: Do not use this product as the sole source of nutrition for weight loss. month, but obviously I was also watching what I was eating. The price per serving comes out to about half with the small packets. I bought this and also the vanilla, and switch among the two, they both are great.

Protein Power Book

Join the thousands that have skilled dramatic weight loss, lowered cholesterol, and improvement or reversal from the damages of heart disease, adult-onset diabetes, and other main diseases by following this medically confirmed plan.

Protein Energy will teach you how you can use food as a tool for:

  • Dramatic and permanent weight reduction
  • Resetting your metabolism and boosting your energy levels
  • Lowering your “bad” cholesterol levels when elevating the “good”
  • Defending yourself from “The Deadly Ailments of Civilization” (such as high blood pressure and heart disease)
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