How To Treat High And Low Blood Pressure


High blood pressure treatment

Hypertension or usually called high blood pressure is a condition where the blood pressure is increasing chronically in a long-term period. It sounds usual, but you should know how high blood pressure can cause some severe complication such as brain damage, heart damage, kidney damage, and eye damage. So, you better go check to doctor when you feel dizzy when waking up, stiffness in the nape, tired easily, and your heartbeat pounds fast regularly.

How to prevent high blood pressure

It is better to prevent than to cure. That is why before, but lest occur, you get high blood pressure; you should know and do these things to protect yourself from high blood pressure.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is actually good for your body if you consume it as the doctor says, but if you consume alcohol too much it will give you boomerang effect. It will troubled your health and cause you high blood pressure.


Control your weight

Waist is a good indicator of body weight. The increasing of waist circumference may be an alarm of impending hypertension. That is why most hypertension suffers are those who have over weight or obesity. To prevent this, you better control your weight by having a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Avoid stress

When you feel anxiety and stress, your blood pressure will increase although only temporarily. But when you almost every time feel anxiety and stress, you will have bigger chance of having high blood pressure. Thus, you should control your emotion.

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How to treat high blood pressure

Even thought we have done everything to prevent high blood pressure, still there is a tendency that we will get high blood pressure. But don’t panic, when you’re diagnosed as a hypertension suffers, you have to do these things in order to treat your high blood pressure correctly.

Do high blood pressure diet

The first thing to do this diet is to avoid salt consumption. Salt will only trigger your blood pressure. Eat only foods with low sodium contents. Other than that, you should also limit the consumption of meat and cheese. People with hypertension are not recommended to eat salty snacks. For those who like salty foods, you can eat sauce to stop that habit.

Eat more potassium

You can find potassium in fruits and vegetables such as avocado, melon, pumpkin, cucumber, aloe vera, celery, and garlic. You can also consume potassium supplement approximately 2 until 4 grams per day.


Eat foods that contain omega 3

Usually this is combined with diuretic medicine, such as hydrochlorothiazide tablet and lasix (furosemide) tablet. Those are medicines that are usually used to control high blood pressure by slowing down heart work and dilating blood vessels. Other than those 3 things, you should also consult to doctor in order to know more how to treat high blood pressure.

Low blood pressure treatment

If you have symptoms of low blood pressure, you can sit down right away or drink more water. However, if your symptoms continue for several times, you need medical treatments. There are several medical treatments which can help you to reduce or prevent your hypotension based on the kinds of hypotension you might have.

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Orthostatic hypotension

Are you dizzy when you are suddenly standing up? This is one of orthostatic hypotension symptoms. People with orthostatic hypotension may feel dizziness, euphoria, distortions in hearing, dimmed vision, nausea and headache. This is caused by insufficient blood supply which drops blood pressure into low. This kind of hypotension can be treated by changing life styles such as drinking more water, which contains nutrients like sodium and potassium, avoid alcohol, standing up slowly, eating small, low carbohydrate. Another option is you may talk with your doctor to use compression stockings to move blood throughout your body. Medicine is also good to treat your hypotension to raise your blood pressure.

Neurally mediated hypotension

Have you ever experienced a sudden fainting? This is one of neurally mediated hypotension symptoms. This symptom is caused by insufficient blood supply which flow to the brain and it causes loss of balance. If you are in this condition, you need to avoid a scary or upsetting situation. The situation will affect your balance and drops your blood pressure. People with this condition can increase salt intake as doctor advises. There are many treatments such as drinking water, which contains sodium, changing body position, avoiding unpleasant situations. The most important thing to do is recognizing the symptoms to know how to treat low blood pressure.


Severe hypotension linked to shock

Do you ever feel sick? This is a kind of hypotension symptoms which needs emergency treatments. This is caused by the cell injury and inadequate tissue function. It may cause some signs such as rapid heart rate, confusion and loss of awareness. This condition can threat life and need more than just usual treatments. Some people with low blood pressure and low blood sugar can be in a coma. However, we need to know what may cause this condition before giving the certain treatment. In this condition, restoring blood flow as soon as possible are needed to prevent organ damage that might happen. Giving medicines are another treatment which needed to raise blood pressure or surgery if needed.

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Based on the kinds of hypotension and the treatments above, we need to know how to recognize the signs or symptoms before taking the right steps to prevent the condition, advises from doctors and medical personnel are needed if you are in severe hypotension, they can help to raise your blood in the right steps. There are two notes you should pay attention to, the first is recognizing the symptoms and signs of low blood pressure from now before it’s too late, the second is checking your blood pressure regularly. Control the blood pressure with the right action, because every drop of blood is precious.

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