Is the three week diet plan of Brian Flatt useful?


A month ago, I was about to get married and a feeling of insecurity ran all through me whenever I saw myself in front of the mirror. Wondering why? I used to weigh 95 pounds 30 days ago. There was a time when I even went in depression at this thought. So, one of my best friends realized what I was going through and she told me to follow the Brian Flatt’s 3-week diet plan. When I first heard about it, I thought to be untrue, particularly, when they claim that a person can lose 12-21 pounds in a matter of just 21 days. Finally, my friend convinced me and I took up the pledge of shedding at least ‘some’ pounds. To my amazement, this plan really worked! Thanks to Brian Flatt, who came up with such an amazing product and is looking after the general welfare of the people (as obesity is a serious health issue in the US).


What is He Selling So Effective?

As per his website (, he claims to have created a science-based diet that is sure to melt away 12-23 pounds of body fat in a short time span of just 21 days.

Who Is The Author of This Diet Plan?

The author Brian Flatt is a health coach, sports nutritionist and personal trainer who have requisite skills to create a product of this kind. It is now more than two decades, he is serving the fitness industry. He is also the owner of REV Fitness which is in South California.

What is The Program All About?

Basically, his program consists of four key manuals covering different facets including the motivational manual because it is necessary to be motivated throughout while following a diet plan.

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Introduction Manual

You will start with an Introduction Manual where you will learn the scientific facts of how the body stores fat and burn it. You will learn all the aspects involved with losing weight. In the end, you will find a list of supplements you should take while following the diet plan.

Diet Manual

As the name itself is explanatory, this guide discusses different diet plans for your body. You will know what you really need to eat and which foods you have to ban completely.

diet scan

Workout Manual

Obviously, some workout is imperative with proper diet. Though it doesn’t ask much to adopt a rigorous workout plan, but basic 20 minutes’ walk on the treadmill before breakfast and other home-based workouts is what has asks for to see incredible results.

Also, the guys spending hours altogether in the gym to get that perfect 6-pack ab, Brian has a solution for them as well in his Midsection Miracle Workout.

Mindset and Motivational Manual

Shedding weight is all about keeping your instinct and attitude positive at all times. Your motivational levels should be high while following this plan because only then you will be able to see a difference in yourself. As Brian Flatt says, “Our results are tied to our actions, our actions are driven by our habits, our habits are driven by our thoughts and our thoughts are driven by our feelings”. Once you have read this manual, you will think about fat loss in a different way altogether.

How Can You Get Access To It?

If you have already made up your mind to buy this awesome manual, simply visit the site htttp://, and order it. They will send you a PDF file containing all the 4 manuals and you can have a full nutrition and workout plan by your side within an hour.

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The Ideal Candidate To Follow His Plan

If you are thinking it is a ‘magical pill’, let me tell you one thing – You are completely wrong! Most advertisers today market their weight loss strategies via pill, but this is something different and more concrete. You have to put in your efforts as well to see dramatic results. So, anyone who can commit to following a diet and four 20-minutes workout per week can follow this schedule irrespective of his age, gender, and ethnicity.


Have a Personalized Plan

With this book, you have a personalized plan starting with the basic introduction.

Encourage Healthy Eating

In his diet manual, you will see that he encourages eating healthy and nutritious food. In his diet plan, he insists upon having low-carb and caffeine free diet.

Healthy eating


If you do not see any considerable result in a month, you can claim your money. The majority of times, people are afraid to invest in any weight-loss diet plans, but here is the chance to try and take up this challenge.

Easy to Read

Although, the copy is available in electronic mode, the easy language and the representation of graphs and pictures make it readable. While studying, you will not get bored even for a minute.


No Hard Copy Available

The only flaw that I think this product has is the non-availability of a hard copy of this wonder product. One has to stick to kindle, to study, understand and grasp what the author has to say especially in the Motivational Manual.

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In the end, I would suggest, that once you have ‘seen the difference’ by following the 3-week diet plan, you should just stick to a healthy diet and you won’t see yourself putting weight again.

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