Psoriasis Natural Treatment


The treatment that’s gaining great popularity now is psoriasis natural treatment because it works in synergy with your body. It enhances your immune system to defeat psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes the skin cells to rapidly grow in mere days, resulting in the formation of crusty patches on the body. These patches are commonly found on the scalp, elbows, knees, hands, feet and the lower back.


Factors which psoriasis trigger 

Psoriasis 4 main trigger factors are your diet, stress, antibiotics and the environment you live in. These triggers could bring about changes in your body. It is also hereditary, but it is not at all contagious.

Let’s take a look at diet

Inflammation causing foods are one of your biggest psoriasis culprits. All of products (the junk and refined sugar laden foods as well as white flour and all its associated products and not forgetting fatty red meat, processed meats and other non-organic meats) irritate the cell wall lining of your gastrointestinal tract causing yeast proliferation, parasite breeding grounds, inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.


Undigested food, toxins, chemicals, parasites and their waste products can easily pass through the porous gut lining and enter into your bloodstream. In here, these foreign agents can travel anywhere.

As a direct result of this, a severe immune response is triggered causing your main detoxifying organ, namely your liver to become severely overburdened.

These autoimmune response factors cause you to suffer allergies, food intolerances, headaches and many other ailments.


Now, because your detoxifying systems are overwhelmed, your body defences has no choice but to get rid of the toxins somehow. So, to prevent it from poisoning your body it uses its’ secondary elimination organ to help get rid of the toxins i.e., your skin.

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The main problem for you is that your skin is not designed to perform this task

Because your immune system sees this as a “life-threatening emergency”, it doesn’t want to store these toxins in your body. Your body then starts to excrete these poisons through your skin. The areas where they are expelled soon become itchy because of the toxic nature of the poison and ultimately form psoriasis lesions or patches.

Treating Psoriasis

The most common psoriasis treatments are conventional psoriasis medications such as steroids (creams, ointments and injections), coal tar and UV light therapy. These treatments only treat the psoriasis symptoms by suppressing it and keeping it somewhat dormant. It then becomes a sleeping volcano waiting to erupt.


The problem for you is that when you suppress a disease, something else has to give way. As a result you may develop asthma, gain weight and get thinning skin with steroid overuse and so on. Sometimes these side effect problems are worse than the psoriasis itself.

Now, since these topical treatments are not an actual psoriasis cure, if you ever decide to stop using them, your psoriasis comes back with some vengeance as you may already have found out. Often the condition becomes worse than before the treatment started.

You now have a situation, where, you also have to deal with the added medication side effects that you have created as well as your un-healed psoriasis symptoms.

Another thing you may have experienced is that these treatments soon lose their effectiveness and you become dependent on them.

Psoriasis natural treatment that works

Many people are moving away from conventional treatments and actively seeking alternative treatments such psoriasis natural treatment.

What is the consequence of all this? Well, it’s all to do with years and years of precious wasted life, treating psoriasis symptoms with psoriasis medicines that don’t really work. The medications gets absorbed into your body and the side effects they create causes more problems for you on top of your psoriasis.

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You can’t do and participate in the things that you would have liked to do such as sports, go to the beach, swim, and have a lasting relationship and so on. All because of the emotional stigma attached to psoriasis and lack of understanding by others about the disease.

Psoriasis natural treatment is not only cheaper but also healthier for your body because there are little or no side effects that you would normally get with conventional treatments.

The good news about natural psoriasis treatments is that they treat the actual root causes and your psoriasis symptoms together.

They work from inside out. The treatment plays a pivotal role in boosting the immune system, thereby making your body defences stronger to fight off threats from foreign agents. The psoriasis treatment also helps to repair the damaged gut lining, plug the leaky gut and heal the psoriasis patches.

Psoriasis natural treatment is the way nature truly intended for your body to heal itself

Time and time again you will hear psoriasis sufferers have been cured or got total psoriasis remission. When you ask them, how did you do it? They will often tell you they have used a psoriasis natural treatment program.

This should not surprise you because if you have been using doctors’ prescription or over the counter medications, you still have psoriasis symptoms today.

What does Psoriasis natural treatment involve?

The very first thing you need to do is understand what psoriasis is all about before you can even attempt to start curing its’ symptoms.

The first things you would need to do is to make some lifestyle changes and avoid stress.

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From a dietary point of view, these changes will involve removing foods that causes inflammation of the gastrointestinal lining and leaky gut syndrome. These foods include:

  • Red meat
  • Processed meat
  • Nightshades
  • Fried foods
  • Sugar and processed foods (white flour)
  • Yeast and its products
  • Most vegetable oils

vegetable oils

Cure Psoriasis by natural treatments

The foods that are especially beneficial to help cure psoriasis by natural treatments are the non-inflammatory causing ones, like green leafy vegetables, low sugar fruits and plenty of clean chlorine free filtered water.

leafy vegetables

Vegetable juices are alkaline and are excellent for detoxifying your body. They remove the toxins by cleaning-out your colon, kidneys and allowing your liver to regenerate and enhance its performance. They are also excellent for purifying your blood.

As a result of a healthier diet, the pressure is taken off your immune system which re-boosts itself and starts firing on all cylinders again. If you keep this up, your body begins to heal itself from the inside out.

The psoriasis natural treatment greatest power is healing your inflamed gastrointestinal lining and repairing the leaky gut whilst providing the essential nutrients your body actually needs to cure psoriasis by natural treatments.

When this happens, no more foreign agents can get into your bloodstream to cause the itching and psoriasis plaques.

By introducing good beneficial probiotics in the form of capsules, bio-yoghurt, and kefir, helps to bring back balance in the intestine. You soon begin to heal in leaps and bounds. The psoriatic skin then heals smoothly in mere days leaving you free from all your psoriasis symptoms.

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