Radiation Therapy To Defeat Cancer


Besides surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy is also considered as one of the vital method of cancer treatment. You will be amazed to know that more than about half a million cancer patients are given radiotherapy at some or the other stage of their treatment. Mostly it is used for the treatment of localized tumors like cancer of brain, skin, and cervix and so on. This treatment can be made use of alone or in a combination with various other types of therapies like surgical treatments, and chemotherapy. Oftentimes, the radiation treatment is also described as radiotherapy, X-ray therapy, cobalt therapy, or irradiation.


Nowadays, proton or Cyberknife cancer radiation therapy is gaining popularity, as they are technologically advanced form, causing less harm to normal tissues. These technologies intensely focus on the tumor cells.

Principles of radiation therapy

Radiation therapy cancer is treated with the help of ionizing radiation. It works by damaging the DNA of tumor cells, stopping their division and growth. Radiation is usually given with an intention to destroy tumor and treating disease. When this radiation is directed towards tumor cells it is not possible to prevent the normal cells surrounding it from damage. The aim of radiation therapy to intensely affect the cancer cells minimizing the exposure to normal cells.


For a solid tumor single therapy cannot provide complement treatment to a patient. Thus, radiation therapy is provided with a combination of surgery or chemotherapy, as to make the treatment successful. Even sometimes Cancer Radiation Therapy is given to relieve symptoms like pain or seizures. This procedure is known as palliative treatment.

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Types of radiation therapy

It is a localized treatment and impacts only the carcinogenic cells in the dealt with location. Radiation can either produce from an unit outside the body (external radiation) or from an implant inside the body (internal radiation). There are several types of radiation therapy available which are provided depending on the cancer.

  • External beam radiation therapy: In this type of therapy radiation beam is created and targeted on the tumor cells. Radiation mainly covers the cancer cells and minimizes the dose to normal cells. It is essential to give radiation in fractions rather going for single dose. This procedure of fractionated exposure gives time to normal cells to repair themselves, protecting them from injury.
  • Proton beam radiation therapy: Nowadays it is the most precise and sophisticated form of external beam therapy available. It is more advantageous to use this therapy over X-rays because of its ability to intensely focus the beams of radiation directly on the tumor cells and minimizing the dose on normal cells. This technique leads to less side effects and increase in survival rates.
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy: It is also a high power radiation therapy creating a shaped beam, directly delivering high doses of radiation on the affected cells and thus lowering the effect on normal tissues. These days, it has been successfully used to treat many types of cancer such as prostate, nasopharyngeal and cervical.

You can find several popular Lung Cancer Treatment involving radiation therapy for treating cancer patients. Along with radiation therapy it is also vital to combine it with other treatments like surgery and chemotherapy as to cure the disease completely. If even a minute cancer cell is left untreated it may lead to occurrence of future cancer.

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How does it work?

This type of cancer treatment works by utilizing a high dose of radiation. Such rays damage the carcinogenic cells and stop them from multiplying. There are various dosages of radiation for different stages and kinds of cancer. Such rays stop the unusual cells from recovering but, the regular cells in an around the afflicted location recover or fix rapidly. Radiation therapy is thought about to be an efficient cancer treatment as unlike other forms of the treatment, it has small, short-term side-effects.

Quite contrary to popular myth, radiotherapy does not make the patient radioactive. The patient can for that reason blend with various other people consisting of kids without any worry of contamination.

Benefits of radiation therapy

One of the major benefits of radiotherapy is that this type of cancer treatment is efficient against virtually all kinds of cancer.

This treatment can be provided patients prior to the surgeries. Such therapies assist to reduce a lump. Sometimes it is offered post-surgery to avoid further development of cancerous cells. When it is incorporated with chemotherapy, it improves treatment results. There are essentially 2 kinds of treatment with radiation palliative and curative.

Who can give the very best radiation therapy treatment?


Usually such treatments are given in a reputed cancer center or hospital. Just skilled radiation oncologists are able to perform such treatments in the very best possible manner. Such a center also makes up radiation therapist, radio-physicists, specialized nurses, physical therapists, and various other specialized health care specialists. A cancer treatment center is also geared up with the most up to date technological improvements in the field of oncology.

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If you have been looking for a specialized and renowned center for cancer treatment, Harrisburg is the location to be. This place is known for having a few of the topmost cancer centers in the country. You should absolutely check out the place for world course cancer care.


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