10 Ways To Stay Hydrated In Summer


Eating against thirst and stay hydrated

Summer is here! and this year, it has come a little late, but with full force. We know what that means longer days, warmer nights and … dehydrated bodies and consequently a tremendous thirst. You’d think a few sips of water every x time will solve the problem. That or sometimes take the risk of being on the verge of dehydration. But do not forget that when you feel thirsty your body is sending us a signal that needs water urgently But you can prevent!

The quickest solution may seem suddenly take a lot of water. Sometimes there is no choice but not always the best solution or the most convenient (unless you love it to spend the day in the bathroom “purifying”). Another possibility is to eat rather than drink, to deal with dehydration. Yes, eating with thirst.

Why not try these 10 alternatives that will help you eat water rather than drink like a camel? Find out how to stay hydrated.

10 Ways To Stay Hydrated In Summer

1. In summer, it imposes crude

Raw fruits and vegetables are generally quite full of water. This comes in handy because in summer the body asks us loudly take raw food and especially fresh. We must seize and try to take as much raw food at this time of year so you can stop worrying enough of the (un) hydration!

Need an added incentive, because I no more oil is not going far? Here it is: the vast majority of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are precisely the water contained so eating raw fruits and vegetables are also giving it the best of the best of them to your body. How to know what is Detox Diet: 10 reasons to lose the fear; precisely because it is larger than other diets moisturizing effect.

For reference, some figures surely not know in detail: strawberries and the like contain between 87 and 92% of water, whose carrot carotene is a natural sunscreen are 87% water, raw peppers, plus be a vegetable that more vitamin provides, is a 92% water or celery with its essential salts, water 95%.

2. In summer, long cucumber, also juice

With a composition of 95% water, a glass of liquefied cucumber moisturizer is just a glass of mineral water. Cucumbers are an inexpensive and versatile vegetable, with 0 calories, perfect for hydration during summer … eating.

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Tip: In addition to the ineffable cucumber salad and gazpacho of cucumber, can add, sliced, some sandwiches (ham, chicken breast, salmon, some types of cheese …). A fun way to take them is licuándolos. Yes, always peel the cucumber if it is not environmentally friendly. You can add a sweet touch to cucumber juice with a few slices of watermelon: a cocktail of moisturizing perfect, fun and different.

3. Same for watermelon

In many other languages, they call watermelon “watermelon”, precisely because of its amazing content H2O. In the Middle East, they spend their days eating watermelon precisely this. At the time of purchase, know when a watermelon is at its optimum point is quite easy: it weighs more than the size may suggest and tap it to make a sound like you’re hollow inside.

Tip: put a few slices of watermelon in a blender, with its seed (provide fiber) without shell (which do not go their seeds, has long since varieties of seedless watermelon are also in the supermarket and greengrocer) and enjoys a wonderful moisturizer pink cocktail!

4. Chia Seeds

chia-recipeLa Chia seed (Salvia Hispanic) mostly comes from Mexico but is still little known in these parts, although it can be found in health food stores. But his popularity in the rest of the EU comes from the fact that absorb 10 times its own weight of water, making them the stars of hydration. But beware! You have to put the seeds to soak before eating, otherwise, they will absorb 10 times its weight of water, but of your body, so you’d get the exact opposite the intended effect, which is to provide water to the body.

Tip: Prepare your own moisturizing gel, Chia! Put Soak 3 tablespoons chia seeds in a large glass of almond milk and add a drop of sweetener or a little sugar. Leave everything to cool in the refrigerator about 20 minutes and take the gel with some sliced fruit. Absolutely delicious addition to providing water you’ll need a few hours.

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5. Freeze bananas

In addition, to that, most of us like much, bananas are loaded with potassium, which biologically very helpful at this time because it replenishes electrolytes lost through sweat and heat. As sports drink so fashionable now, but in natural version. Bananas also contain magnesium, which helps to rebalance and regulate body fluids. Its natural sugars give us instant energy. A single banana becomes an unbeatable help when the summer heat merciless liquid drains us at any time of day and leaves us thirsty and exhausted.

Trick: Try also make homemade banana ice cream. Cut a rather sweet plantain slices not too thick and tens in the freezer at least 5 hours. Then pass them through the blender or mixer. Depending on the maturity of the banana which froze may have to add a little water or milk and scrape the walls of the bowl occasionally. The perfect banana ice cream!

6. Squeeze lemons!

Do not be anything new infinite goodness that has health lemon water or lemonade for colds, but in summer, perhaps many do not feel like too much of a hot drink. For a cold lemonade, it has the same properties as hot as it does not lose heat. Super moisturizing effects of vitamin C in lemons unchanged in a cold drink. In summer, it is best to squeeze half a lemon, mix it with a glass of cold water and go taking this moisturizing cup each x time throughout the day. Warning in case of stomach problems: better to take it cool, not cold, as cold temperatures are not very friendly sensitive stomachs and digestion.

7. Ice cube of water (milk) coconut

Coconut milk (also called the ideal natural drink for athletes) provides although it does not seem to the naked eye five times more potassium than a banana and more vitamin B, electrolytes and magnesium. It is very low in sugars and calories drink, very pleasant to take as it is quite sweet and very palatable. Coconut milk is one of the healthiest and most natural to stay hydrated or rehydrated instantly in an emergency forms.

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Tip: Be prepared milk / coconut water as ice cubes. Simply fill the molds and then use ice cubes to your smoothies coconut glass of water or red summer you’re going to prepare (although alcohol is not the best thing to quench thirst very hot). will you bring an extra moisturizing flavor.

8. Tasting pieces of melon

Melon, especially national non-greenhouse, may contain 90% water, which explains why they are so refreshing and moisturizing in summer. Have you thought also take melon for breakfast or snack between meals?

Proposal to prepare an appetizing melon capita: short one or two slices of very fresh melon cubes and añádeles a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange and a few leaves of fresh mint. Hidratantemente delicious!

9. Yes, sir, also cauliflower.

Star hydration, poor ignored by most people and that the cauliflower is made up of 92% water, which varies according to the season.

Tip: how to prepare cauliflower couscous; spend a few pieces of raw cauliflower in a blender or blender until you get to have the consistency of dry rice grains. It can be mixed with nuts, fresh herbs, and some spice to prepare later a deliciously different variant of couscous, very moisturizing. You can also use it as it espolvoreándola over salads ago as chunky bread or nuts.

10. Spinach snacks

Probably the vegetable with more water content is iceberg lettuce (which is used for seafood cocktails and the like). In fact, they are practically water. But spinach is not behind them, and besides having more flavor, come to contain up to 92% water and have the advantage of offering more nutritious elements and time sink your teeth, chew much more consistency.

Trick to take spinach anytime, anywhere – not always have to be boiled! Take a few leaves of fresh spinach or your frozen smoothies, pesto or humus you have prepared or that pizza you’re going to put in the oven. These 10 ways to stay hydrated in summer will bring to you great benefits for your health.

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