The Good And The Bad About A No Carb Diet Plan


If you are confused about a low carb diet plan and a no carb diet plan, you should be enlightened that these two are the same things. This is a diet plan that had been found to effectively help in losing weight but it is also a plan that is difficult to maintain or stick to. It is all because this diet will deprive you of all the delicious foods that you could think of.

a no carb diet

In this kind of no carb diet plan, you are only limiting the amount of carbohydrates – zeroing it is impossible as you would have no energy to keep you going in your daily activities. A limited intake of carbohydrates though, is one very effective way of discarding excess and unwanted pounds.The no carb diet plan had been proved to be a good way of losing weight but despite the good in it, there are negatives about the diet plan.

Know what is a no carb diet plan

What exactly is a no carb or no carbohydrate diet plan? This is simply a dietary practice that eliminates or limits the amount of carbohydrate intake. The suggested alternative to carbohydrate as source of energy is fats that contain significant amount of protein. This kind of diet is also referred to as ketosis state or ketogenic where the fats absorbed by the body is transformed into energy for the use of the human body and of 95 % of the entire brain. With this, there is a 5% part of your brain that need to be supplied with glucose. The main source of foods here is the animal foods. The saturated fats come from eggs, meats and other dairy products. In the no carb diet plan, you abstain from foods such as whole grains, fruits and some kinds of vegetables. Instead, you need foods that are high in protein.

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a no carb diet

What is good in no carb diet plan

The biggest benefit under the no carb diet plan is losing weight fast. Why is this so? Let us examine the role of carbohydrates in the human body. Carbohydrates is responsible for breaking down starch into glucose and sugar. Glucose goes into your blood stream but insulin will curtail the breakdown of fats. Instead, the glucose is used by the body as source of energy. Without carbohydrates in your body, you will make use of fats to supply your body with energy. This is how the body loses weight.

No carb diet plan – The bad side

The no carbohydrate diet can be good for your health as this makes you lose weight. However, it can also have some repercussions on your health.

What are the effects of no carb diet plan?

  • The no carb diet plan can have adverse effect on your heart. You may lose fat because of this diet but then, excess consumption of fat can add pressure in the way your heart works. Excessive fats can also increase your bad cholesterol that can lead to heart ailment. Fats will also contribute to hypertension.
  • The no carbohydrate diet or too low carb diet is not also beneficial to a diabetic person. With this affliction, you have no capability to control your blood sugar. Thus, you need fiber that can be sourced from vegetables and whole grains that contain carbohydrates.
  • Some failure of internal organs can happen due to absence of carbohydrates in the body. Among such diseases are osteoporosis, liver and kidney problems.
  • Digestion is another problem that can arise to people who go on no carb diet plan. Digestive system is adversely affected when you lack fiber in your diet, fiber which comes from vegetables and whole grain. With the pros and cons regarding no carb diet plan, you have to weigh the positives and the negatives before you decide if you have to pursue the diet plan. There are indeed good but there are also adverse effects. 
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