10 Steps On How To Be Happy And Cope With Life


Believe it or not, you can be happy right now. It doesn’t matter where you are at in life, how much money you have, what you have, or the people you know. Happiness is a frame of mind. Let’s go over a few steps on how to be happy that you can add to your life right now.

Happiness is a choice

Each day you can choose to look at things in a positive or negative way. Some of the most famous and rich people in the past have led unhappy and miserable lives, and yet each of us knows of someone who is always smiling, even though they seem to have almost nothing. Today, right this moment, choose happiness. Dismiss negative thoughts, look for something positive in every situation.


Let go of that grudge

A grudge is a heavy thing to carry and often robs us of happiness. A good quote to keep in mind is “The grudge you hold on to is like a hot coal that you intend to throw at someone, only you’re the one who gets burned”. If something is bothering you, go now, today, talk to the person or address the situation. If nothing else can be done, for the sake of your happiness, forgive and let it go.


Start this step by looking at everything wonderful in your life. Count the big things in life, such as your friends, and the roof over your head. Then count all the small things such as the smell of coffee, the feel of a warm shower, the wag of your pets tail when they see you. Looking for small things to be grateful for will do amazing things for your happiness levels.

smell of coffee

Want less

This is really the second half of the step above. Being grateful will open your eyes to all that you have. If you really want to be happy though, you should learn to want less. This can be hard in the current day and age of “more, more, more” but it is possible. Real happiness can’t be found in adding possessions. Look at all the “stuff” you already have that at one time you wanted and now don’t even think about. Next, declutter. Clutter in your surroundings can also clutter up your mind, and push out happiness.

Choose wisely

Surrounding yourself with negative people can be draining on your happiness. Instead choose your friends wisely and surround yourself with people who are optimistic, who are also choosing happiness. People who build you up and encourage your habits of happiness will add to it.

Don’t live for approval

You cannot please everyone, and if you try you will be end up a very unhappy person. A good quote to keep in mind is “The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping .” There is always going to be someone there to tell you not to dream, that you can’t do it, and other negative things. You have to have courage in your own beliefs and your own path, and stop seeking approval from the masses.

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Stay healthy

stay healthy

Health is an extremely important step in how to be happy. When you get plenty of rest, eat good food, and get the blood pumping with some exercise, it is easier to be happy. All of these things lower your stress levels, boost your immunity, and keep you in the best shape. You can of course face daunting health issues and still be happy, but if you have the choice, choose to do good for your body.

Have big dreams

Dreams and goals are a major part of happiness. There is always something new to learn, accomplish, and experience, and it can all help us to stay looking forward to the future. For this step, write up a list of things you want to accomplish this year, even breaking it down into months. From there, start a bucket list of big dreams and focus on accomplishing them.


The biggest thing you can do to increase your happiness is to love much. Have love for others, have love for yourself and show it in as many areas of your life as you can.


Happiness really is something that can only be found within. It is a choice to enjoy the journey of life and not look for things. It is a choice not to let other people dictate your state of mind, or to be overly focused on a future destination. Try out all the above steps on how to be happy and you may well be amazed at how wonderful you feel.

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