Meditation Techniques Can Literally Change Your Mind

The meditation techniques outlined below are practiced by individuals seeking greatly increased personal growth and well-being. By practicing these simple, yet very effective techniques you will increase your ability to focus mentally, handle stress, and perform better in all areas of your life.  Always remember that when performing a meditation technique, it is best to have an attitude that whatever is happening is exactly right for the moment and that there is no right or wrong response.

meditationBasic deep breathing with emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction technique

This technique is intended to be done anytime and anywhere as needed, especially when stressful situations arise. Begin by simply turning your attention to your breathing and you will invariably notice that you automatically begin to breathe deeper. Start by taking several long slow, deep breaths filling your rib cage from the bottom of your stomach to the top of your lungs, and notice how much more relaxed you begin to feel. As you do this for about a minute or so notice your increasing lung capacity, breathing control and stress release. For the best results, allow for no separation between inhaling and exhaling. Breathing in this fashion is referred to as yogic breathing and has many stress-reducing benefits. 

Breath counting technique

Start by sitting comfortably with your back straight in a quiet surrounding, and begin to notice your breathing for a few moments. Next, while breathing normally, begin by counting your in-breaths only. The challenge here is to count your inhale breaths to nine and every time you allow an outside thought to enter your mind or you lose count you must start over again from one. You can count as high as you become able to, without getting distracted, and once you have mastered that part you can move on to counting out-breaths only. Have fun with it and don’t be discouraged if it is quite difficult for you in the beginning, this technique is not meant to be easily learned or done in a hurry. This exercise is one of the best techniques for learning patience, mental focus and how to begin gaining some control over an aimlessly wandering mind.

Visualization for creating inner peace

Find a peaceful and quiet environment, indoors or out and get into a meditative position. Now slowly bring your attention to the present by noticing the subtle sights, smells and sounds of the space you are inhabiting. Once you feel you are fully in the “now”, slowly begin to lightly close your eyes and begin to notice your breathing. Slowly and fully take air in and out with no separation between breaths.
As you begin to feel more relaxed and when you feel you are ready, start to visualize a scene or picture in your mind of an imaginary place that brings you great peace and tranquility. It should be a place that you have never been before but would like to go. It could be a magical meadow or a friendly village its up to your imagination, whether in the mountains or in the desert, just make sure its a place in which you feel great comfort and security and that only you know about. It’s perfectly acceptable to let your mind wander freely during this exercise, gently nudging it back to your special place whenever you get distracted.
meditation peace
Try to visualize as much detail about this extraordinary place as you can, using all five of your senses. When you feel as though you have spent an adequate amount of time constructing your new dreamland and you feel peaceful and secure, gently open your eyes and bring your focus back into your present environment. You will be able to add new and wonderful details to your special place, every time you come back. This technique is intended to promote tranquility and creativity as well as to serve as a place you can go in your mind, whenever you need to bring about feelings of calm in your daily life.

Visualization techniques to enhance performance

This process has been used successfully by professional athletes and business professionals alike. It is a simple, yet very effective way to improve performances, in any realm. Start by sitting quietly with back straight in a quiet place and begin to bring your awareness to the environment you are occupying by the use of all five of your senses. When you feel you are comfortably in the present moment, slowly and gently close your eyes and begin taking notice of your breath. Take in large deep breaths letting there be know separation between inhaling and exhaling. When you feel relaxed and ready, begin to visualize a time just before you are about to begin an up coming performance.
It is very important to picture yourself as calm, cool and very prepared. Visualize the whole process leading up to your performance, from the preparation to the very end, exacting as much detail as possible.  Visualize yourself performing to as high a standard as you desire and succeeding at every moment. This technique for visualizing performance success works very well to promote the confidence necessary to help you manifest and create the reality of succeeding in any performance.
Visualization techniques are helpful for inducing creativity, mental clarity and emotional well-being, as well as spiritual benefits like a feeling of being more connected to nature.

Mantra meditation technique

Mantra meditation

This technique involves the repitition of a word such as peace, harmony or love or even a short sentence that you have created and deemed to have a special meaning. This technique tends to help clear the mind and adjust your mental focus. It is typically done while sitting quietly or lying on your back in a peaceful location in your home, or out in nature. Repeat your mantra phrase or word out loud, if possible, or in your head, if necessary, for as little as 5 minutes or as long as an hour. Notice how your mind naturally becomes quiet and your body becomes relaxed.  Over time you will definitely see your mantra manifesting more profoundly in your life.

Object focus meditation

This is a technique that will really help you to train your mind to focus on only one thing. This type of focusing is what begins to give you a greater sense of inner peace, which of course is a main goal of meditation. Start by finding a comfortable and preferably quiet location and assume an appropriate meditative posture. Next gently close your eyes and begin some deep breathing leaving no separation between inhales and exhales. When you feel relaxed and are ready, pick an object, in your chosen environment, that signifies a redeeming quality like tranquility, peace or beauty. It can be real or imaginary like a candle, a work of art, or a flower.
meditation technique
Imagine how the object would feel, smell or taste, if applicable, and how the object would look in different shapes or colors. Try and imagine as many details about the object as possible, using all five of your senses, and in as many different variations as possible. Just maintain your focus on the object and if you become distracted by outside thoughts then gently nudge your mind’s focus back to the object. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find this exercise to be difficult, just do the best you can and enjoy the quieting effects this technique has on the mind and the better overall mental control it creates for you.
Note: Any resistance you may feel to any meditation technique is probably a sign of an area that needs the most work. In other words don’t just practice your strengths, practice your weaknesses too. Also, it is important not to judge yourself too critically on your ability to perform a meditation technique, as with anything else the more you do it the more proficient you will become.It is necessary to practice meditation on a regular basis in order to see the most benefits.
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