10 Ways To Make Your Favorite Junk Food Healthier


Giving up junk food is difficult on any diet; however, on a low-carb diet, it is even harder since most junk foods are rich in carbs. Here are 10 ways which make your favorite junk food healthier.

1. Replace potato chips with the veggie variety

Chips are considered to be one of the first things that come to your mind when you crave a crunchy, salted snack. Since regular chips have lots of fat and calories, you can swap them for the veggie variety that has whole grains, spinach, corn, and broccoli. LesserEvil is a good choice at just 120 calories per 35 pieces.


2. Swap fried chicken for grilled chicken

Fried chicken from places like KFC can pack quite a fattening punch. If you’re a chicken fan, opt for the healthier version and grill it instead of frying. Taking the skin off and losing the breading will save you even more calories per portion.

grilled chicken

3. Opt for low-cal ice cream

While ice cream is a favorite dessert for many people, it can surely contain a lot of sugar and fats. The good news is that there are multiple low-calorie ice creams out there. If you opt for Arctic Zero, for example, you’ll only get 150 calories in a pint.

4. Don’t order pizza, make your own

If you love pizza, there’s no need to give it up for good. Pizza is not actually junk food if you make it yourself. Make your own crust and pile on your favorite toppings for a version that is much healthier than takeaway pizza. Make sure you avoid full-fat cheese and high-calorie toppings such as pepperoni. Opt for turkey or chicken breast and veggies instead.

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5. Swap roasted peanuts for healthy nut mixes

If you like to nibble on a bowl of salted and roasted peanuts when watching your favorite TV shows, you’re adding plenty of unnecessary fat and salt to your diet. Raw nuts are actually healthy and contain lots of heart-healthy unsaturated fat without added sodium, so replace that bag of roasted treats with a mix of nuts you can purchase in various health stores.

6. Swap french fries for sweet potato fries

 sweet potatoesEveryone enjoys a serving of French fries with their meals or simply as a snack. For a healthier version, use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. These potatoes have more fiber and protein than regular ones and if you choose to oven cook them, you can even eliminate most of the fat contained in your standard serving of French fries.

7. Replace your nutella jar with a wholesome option

It may sound incredible, but there were times when people actually thought Nutella was good for you. Since eating Nutella is no better than eating spoonfuls of sugar, try to replace it with a healthier alternatives that made from ingredients such as raw cacao, raw hazelnuts, and coconut sugar. Rawtella is such an example, but there are many more to choose from.

8. Make your own popcorn

Microwave popcorn has become a staple of movie nights in, but the truth is conventional brands are full of chemicals in the bag. Simply buy raw corn and make your own in an air popcorn machine, or simply in a pan. Ditch the butter and the loads of salt, and you’ll actually have something very healthy to nibble on.

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9. Ditch your can of soda for flavored seltzer water

Fizzy drinks are sugar bombs, but unfortunately, many people wash down their junk food with a can of soda. If you cannot bear the thought of drinking only water, keep it interesting with some flavored seltzer water.

10. Try a chocolate trail mix instead of candy

chocolate trail mix When your sweet tooth strikes, try a mix of almonds, dried fruit, and chocolate chips instead of a bar of chocolate. The mix will calm your cravings by giving you an intake of high-quality fats and carbs.
There is no need to cut all snacks when trying to switch to a healthier diet. Simply by replacing junk food with some healthier alternatives, you can reduce the number of calories you eat and still enjoy your snacks.

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