Keeping A Healthy Home With Pets


Pet owners are all too familiar with the struggle of cleaning up after their pet friends. Many pets are allowed to roam freely around the house, adding to the mess.

Add a busy family to the mix, and you can have a disaster on your hands in no time. There are some reliable methods, however, to staying healthy without cleaning 24/7.

The vacuum cleaner holds the key

The vacuum cleaner is one household tool you must invest in wisely. We all have a budget to stick to, however, the vacuum purchase is a good place to spend a large amount of money. If you have dogs or cats, or anything with fur, the vacuum cleaner is going to be your best friend.

vacuum cleaner

You need to pay attention to the suction, the capacity, and the filter type. Look for filters that reduce allergens and a suction system that can withstand large amounts of fur. You do not want to spend most of your time unclogging the vacuum.

This magical vacuum will not only keep your home healthy, it will save you time when cleaning. A quality product gets the job done, not only well, but efficiently. A poor quality vacuum will leave much of the offending fur behind, leaving you to repeat your cleaning more often.

What’s that smell?

Your household members will, most likely, become immune to most of the smells your pets emit. This is not going to be true of house guests. You must stay on top of pet odor to avoid an unpleasant home.

Take a walk outside in the fresh air and then pay attention to the smell when you first walk back into your house. If you notice an overwhelming pet odor, you may have a little work to do. Small pets can get extremely stinky fast when cages are not cleaned regularly.

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Try your best to not miss cleaning day each week for these animals. Clean around the cages, as well. The table and floor where the cage is sitting should also be sanitized regularly.

Cats need to have their litter box cleaned often. They do make some excellent self-cleaning options for busy pet owners. Cats do clean themselves fairly well, but they also step in cat litter regularly throughout the day. Clean their bedding and play structures on a regular schedule.

Most cat climbing trees are covered in carpet. This can be vacuumed or shampooed.

Your dog is going to have a dog smell, but it does not have to be bad. Long hair dogs and those with thick undercoats can be a bit more difficult to maintain. Keep them bathed and groomed well. If you have kids give them each a little job.


Someone can be on brushing duty while another child makes sure to wipe the dog’s paws after outside play. Even if the dog crate seems to be a relatively clean place, wipe it out and change out the bedding often.

Invest in a good filter for your air conditioning. A good filter will help with dog hair and allergens. Things like this can work for you with very little effort on your part. Many modern families use air purifiers for specific rooms in the house.

air conditioning

Research the various options and benefits. All you have to do for these to work is plug them in and turn them on.

Try to get to the source of the smell by cleaning properly. Sprays will just cover up the smell temporarily, leaving it to sit longer. It will be less of a hassle to clean up properly the first time around. Some sprays, however, do offer germ killing qualities.

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Use when necessary. Air freshener and odor absorbers can also be strategically placed around the house. Candles can do wonders, as well. Spend a day on the weekend with all of the windows open to air out the house.

Protect your furniture

No one wants to spend hours vacuuming furniture. Even the best of us will launch into a tantrum when faced with all those specialty vacuum attachments. These can be great for deep cleaning days, but regular maintenance can be simplified quite easily.

Invest in a few good large sized blankets. These can be left on the couches and chairs for dogs and cats to lay on. Leave a few throughout the house, as well. Fold some on the rugs for the animal to take naps on.


It is much faster to throw a few blankets in the wash than to vacuum everything all the time. The animals will love the soft bedding, as well. This may not catch all of the fur, but it will definitely lessen the amount that ends up on the furniture and floor.

For small animals, be sure to protect tables and counters from dirt that comes out of the cage. A table cloth that has a wipe clean surface can do wonders.

Many of us love to sleep with our pets. You may benefit from some simplified bedding so that wash day is a little more efficient. You can put a duvet cover on thick comforters, and keep pet blankets in your dog or cat’s favorite spot.

You can also run a lint roller over your pillow cases or run bedding through the dryer between washes.

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Divide and conquer

A family of four should be able to divide the cleaning duties easily. After all, your kids promised to do all of the cleanings when they begged for that new puppy. Don’t be afraid to remind them of their offer. Set some ground rules for animals that roam the house freely.

If children cannot be responsible for cleaning up after animals in their own rooms, think about putting up baby gates to keep the animals out. You can use baby gates in any part of the home to keep a room a little extra clean.

Assign each person a specific pet cleaning duty each week. Emphasize prevention to keep people motivated. Make sure everyone understands that the weekend won’t be filled with so many chores if everyone pitches in throughout the week to prevent large messes.

Stick to your boundaries and expectations about keeping things clean. The rules might be the same for all bedrooms. You can place a basket in each bedroom to hold pet specific supplies. Blankets, toys, and treats should always be stored in these.

Make sure everyone understands to keep blankets on areas where the dogs and cats sleep a lot. Each person can be expected to vacuum their own room at least once a week, at their convenience. Assign food bowl cleaning, laundry and sweeping to different individuals if possible.

You can keep your home significantly clean with some planning and proper tools. Get the entire family involved, for best results. You should be able to enjoy your pets without feeling like you spend all day cleaning. Have a plan in action to prevent unnecessary messes.

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