Tips For Bringing Your Pet Dog To Work


Often, the only dogs expected to be seen in public places are certified service dogs. This, however, is changing drastically. Many businesses are now recognizing dogs as valuable companions. There are now restaurants, stores, and workplaces that allow pets to accompany their human counterparts for some time out and about.

This new acceptance has many benefits aimed at improving the lives of pets and owners, alike. When proper arrangements are made for bringing pets to work, the experience can be a rewarding one.


Prepare your work space

Your office needs to be a safe place for your pet. Check for items that may be harmful to your dog. Some plants are poisonous and should be removed from the area. If you need to leave your office door open throughout the day, install a baby or pet gate in the doorway.

dog at work

This will keep your dog inside the designated area. It may also be prudent to have a crate available to put your dog in. When others visit your office the crate can be a safe place to house your dog, if necessary. Also, be sure to equip your environment with appropriate food and water containers.

A bed or blanket placed in a specific area may help to keep your dog from taking over your office chairs and other furniture.

Consider your dog’s personality

Some dogs will not do well in a work environment. Make sure you are aware of how your dog reacts when introduced to new people and other dogs. In a dog-friendly environment, there may be other dogs around at the same time as yours.

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Office environments are also social environments and your dog will need to be able to properly greet humans without aggression. Pay close attention to how your dog reacts when you go to the veterinarian, pet store, and park. This will give you some idea of what to expect at your office.

Teach some basic skills

Your dog needs to know some basic commands to get through a day at the office. Make sure they are clear a consistent on things like “sit” and “stay”. You should also be able to introduce your dog to a new person with the confidence they will not jump up on anyone.

teach dog

Start practicing well ahead of time teaching them “down” and “no”. If they are not past the chewing stage you should be sure to bring enough toys and treats to keep them busy. If you will be using a gate or crate, make sure your dog gets used to these items at home, first.

Be aware that dogs may have a more difficult time following commands with the distractions at your office. Sometimes it is beneficial to carry treats with you for praise and to get your dog’s attention.

Proper veterinary care

Proper preventative care is an important part of keeping your dog healthy and safe. Some vaccines are state mandated. Proof of vaccines will, most likely, be required by your company prior to bringing your dog on the premises.

Common, yearly vaccinations include rabies, Bordetella, parvovirus, and distemper. You may also be required to provide your dog with flea and tick preventative. These precautions will help to keep all visiting dogs in the best of health. Keep your furry friend home if they show any signs of illness or infection.

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veterinary care

Dogs that are not feeling well should be kept home until they are cleared by a vet. Animals often exhibit different personality traits when they are not feeling well. Dogs may growl or snap when they are sick or injured.

Don’t forget the leash

You may be fine with your dog running around off leash, but others may not. There may be some people in the office that are not comfortable with animals. Dogs can also be unpredictable in new environments. A good leash will help to maintain safety and comfort.

You may be allowed to have your dog off of the leash when safely placed in your office, however. When you take a walk out in the common areas make sure to hold your dog close to you. Different types of restraints are available to help keep your dog under control.


The best option is to leash train the dog well before attempting a trip to the office environment. Take some time to try out different types of leashes, colors or harnesses, as well.

Learn to read dog body language

It can help immensely to have an idea what your dog is trying to say with their body language. Dogs have a very particular way of communicating. You can usually read your dog’s mood by assessing how they are presenting themselves. When you know what to look out for, you can often prevent problems.

You will also be able to gauge how other dogs in the office are feeling. Pay close attention to how your dog reacts while they are in a new environment. If you see signs of discomfort, remove them from the situation.

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dog body language

Be careful when encountering other dogs

We, as humans, do not like every single person we meet. Likewise, you should not expect your dog to get along with all other dogs. Proper introduction techniques should be followed with the other dogs that visit the office. Never force interaction with other dogs.

The dogs will let you know when they want to interact in a friendly way. This is why it is important to learn about their body language. Accidents and fights can often be prevented with proper preparation and a good understanding of your dog’s signals.

Changing work environments are bringing many different opportunities. The acknowledgment of beneficial relationships with pets is one of them. Dogs can have a calming effect on people, making the work environment much less stressful.

When employers are responsible and proper safety measures are taken, dogs at work can be a lot of fun. Make sure to consider your dog’s needs and prepare well ahead of time. You can do several things to make this a positive experience for both yourself and your pet.

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