The Ex Factor Guide


What exactly is the Ex Factor Guide program?

The Ex Factor Guide is actually a comprehensive dating guide which help both men and women win back their exes. Brad has designed an effective step-by-step approach that guarantees to work in winning him or her back. The best thing about the guide is that Brad focuses not only on winning your ex back, but by also creating a healthier and stronger relationship with your ex.

The guide consists of 220 pages, which are divided into different chapters that deal with each and every possible phase from getting to the source of the breakup to developing a strong and healthy relationship with that ex of yours. Brad gives you great insight into how you can use psychological tactics and different situations to your advantage, which will ensure that your ex comes running back into your arms and your life.

Brad offers an extensive range of different techniques and advice on winning back your ex, which range from “How to heal from the breakup”, “how to establish contact with your ex after the breakup”, and a whole host of others. It is essentially more than just a guide on winning back your ex, since it has got tried and tested techniques that guarantee to work.
The Ex Factor Guide

Brad Browning designed the Ex Factor Guide for both men and women who are suffering from painful breakups. This relationship program is hugely beneficial for all those who truly love their ex and want them back, plus the upside is that you can now avail this guide for only $47, and it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee as well.

Who created the “Ex Factor Guide”?

Brad Browning is the brains behind the “Ex Factor Guide”, which is a relationship program that is unrivalled by any other in the industry. It features proven techniques and methods, which have been compiled by decades of expertise by relationship counselors and dating advice gurus.

Brad himself has got over 10 years of experience as a relationship counselor and dating coach. He is able to provide a complete guide on identifying the crucial mistakes that were made, and the ways in which you can overcome them to win back your love. While working as a therapist, Brad used to command an hourly rate of roughly $150.

However, he wants to help other men and women who going through the trauma of breakups and has therefore compiled a comprehensive guide. The amazing part is that he is only charging $47 to bestow his wisdom on you and literally change your life forever.

Does Ex Factor Guide really work?

Have you recently suffered a breakup and can’t let go of her just yet? The pain of going through a breakup can be excruciating and in most cases may also have major repercussions on your life. Everyone has got an ex that they regret letting go off or breaking up with, and then spent countless days and hours trying to win her back.

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Most men assume that there is absolutely no chance that they will ever be able to get back together again with the girl of their dreams, and in most cases that may be true. The heartbreak and emotional trauma, which is felt after a breakup, can make any man feel weak and helpless. If you have suffered the same fate, you may have already given up hope on winning your ex back and may have resigned yourself to wasting your life away.

In your desperation, while searching for the songs that you two used to share, you may have come across the “Ex Factor Guide” program by Brad Browning. The good news for you is that, if your ex is still single, then you can definitely use this effective guide in order to regain her trust and finally win back the love of her life.

Ex factor guide

Now many people who have come across this guide have wondered whether it can really do what it promises and help in doing the impossible, help in winning back your ex. There are many quality guides that are available on the internet today, but where others fail, this is where the Ex Factor Guide shines through.

Brad Browning may have really cracked the secrets to winning back your ex by ensuring that you are able to use effective techniques. We have used the guide and reviewed all of the features that it has got to offer, as well as the pros and cons of the website as well.

How does the Ex Factor Guide work?

The “Ex Factor” guide definitely works, and has done for a lot of work. Brad Browning has designed a comprehensive guide that allows both men and women to win back the love that they thought had been lost to them forever. A lot of patience, will-power and your own efforts have to be given in order for the program to start taking effect.

Ex factor guide

Following the guide on a step-by-step basis and clearly adopt the advice that Brad has offered, because he is clearly someone who knows what he is talking about and has helped countless others as well. The chapters in the guide comprise on developing a game plan to win back your ex, which includes tips and the “No Contact” period after a breakup.

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You will get to the chapter that is about “dating other people” and why that is important. The guide tells you what you should do if your ex contacts you and several other techniques, which will increase the likelihood of your ex finally agreeing to seeing you again.

Then the guide tells you how to be successful on the date and seduce your ex once more to rebuild the attraction you once had for each other. The final chapters are focused on how to be successful in your relationship after winning back your ex and how you can prevent another breakup in the future.
It is important that you implement the techniques and adopt all the things that Brad has provided to you, since the program does work and has worked for a lot of men and women. You can check out their success stories and how it worked for them by going through the various testimonials on the website.

What else is included in the “Ex Factor Guide”?

The Ex Factor Guide is not only just a PDF file that tells you how to win back your ex, but it is a comprehensive package that includes lots of different bonuses and materials. It is recommended that you should order the program from the official website to avail the discounted rates as well as the money back guarantee.

The following is the complete list of bonuses and materials that you will get when you place your order for the Ex Factor Guide from the website:

  • The full Ex-Factor Guide (PDF File – 220 pages)
  • Video program (3 hours)
  • Audio program (5 hours)
  • Increase Sexual Appeal (Bonus 1 – PDF File)
  • Text the Love Back Book (Bonus 2 – PDF File)

This comprehensive relationship program guarantees that you will be able to win back the love of your life and is backed by Brad Browning, who has got over 10 years of experience in relationship counseling.

The Pros and Cons of the “Ex Factor Guide”

Like every other relationship guide and dating program that is available on the internet, there are some obvious pros and cons of the “Ex Factor Guide” as well. There is no such thing as perfect, and while this comprehensive guide does have its good parts, there are some parts it fails to live up to. So here are the pros and cons:

The Pros of the program

  • This is a great program for men and women who have recently experienced a breakup and want to win back their ex.
  • The program shows you how to deal with the breakup and to avoid ruining your chances of getting back together with your ex.
  • It is a simple to follow step-by-step guide with no complicated techniques on winning the “ex back”.
  • The program is well-researched and sensible. It has got an easy flow to it and the topics are very well organized and are very cohesive in nature.
  • It is available in both male and female versions.
  • Has got high readability, and is both well-formatted and designed.
  • The customer support is spot on and is highly responsive.
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The Cons of the program

  • Both the male and the female versions of the program are essentially the same, with only a few conceptual changes.
  • Some techniques border on being manipulative, which is uncomfortable for many people.
  • The guide offers courses of action, without going into much detail on the executing them properly.
  • There are other upsells inside the program, which include affiliated products of the author.
  • The guide is comprehensive but doesn’t cover the important aspects of why the relationship failed in the first place.

The conclusion

Many people simply give up on the hope of ever getting back with their ex in this life, but Brad Browning offers those people a second chance with the love of their life. How much are you willing to spend to get back with your ex and how far are you willing to go? Your commitment and resolve to winning back your ex will be just as important as this guide in order to achieve what your heart desires.

There are lots of people who have benefitted from the “Ex Factor Guide”, but you need to be committed and have the right mindset in order for it to work. This program isn’t a ‘magic lamp’ and Brad Browning isn’t a ‘genie’ who will magically bring your ex back overnight, so make sure that you have realistic expectations from this program.

Brad Browning has got extensive experience as a dating coach and a relationship counselor and offers great advice and shares powerful techniques in order to help men and women win their ex back. What matters most is your commitment to winning back your ex, or if you even love them enough to win them back. If you are interested in getting back together with your ex as soon as possible, then the “Ex Factor Guide” offers you the best possible chance to do that.

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