Vert Shock Review Exposed – Adam Folker’s Vertical Jump System


For basketball players, the value of having a strong vertical jump is clear. It is about a lot more than just dunking the ball; an impressive vertical ability makes a player more capable and flexible in every aspect of play.

It is why exercise programs that focus on increasing vertical jumping skills are so popular. Now, one of the biggest names in the field is the Vert Shock program which is created by Adam Folker.

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Creator Profile

Adam Folker

Obviously anyone could film a few instructional videos, slap together an exercise guide, and claim they had created a vertical jump program.

Adam Folker is the core creator of Vert Shock. After an underwhelming start to his high school basketball career, Adam dedicated himself to studying and perfecting the most effective training techniques. This paid off in an enormous way in his personal career, taking him to UC Irvine on an NCAA scholarship and eventually causing to a professional career in international basketball.

Adam’s since made a huge effort to share everything he’s learned, and VertShock is just one of the effective programs he offers as part of his proprietary Folker System.

Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington

Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington – Adam’s partner in the Vert Shock enterprise, one of the world’s foremost authorities on dunking basketballs. A repeat winner of the Nike Dunk Contest, Justin has competed against all-time greats including Anthony Davis and Lebron James.

Justin uses Vert Shock principles in his daily training routines, and they’ve delivered unbelievable results for him. This is a player with a vertical jump that’s well over fifty inches.

The Overall Vert Shock Schedule

Every Vert Shock lays out the basic parameters of the system. It’s a set of electronic guides (including comprehensive video tutorials) that guides you through a comprehensive eight week exercise program that’s designed to maximize your vertical jumping potential.


VertShock focuses on increasing reaction times and improving your body’s neurological system – that’s where the “shock” part of the name comes from. Your vertical performance isn’t just a matter of muscle strength; it’s all about deploying the energy in your muscles in the fastest possible time.

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This is why the VertShock principles are so effective. Concentrating on the trigger that makes great jumps possible rather than the tools (i.e. the muscles) yields massive improvements for everyone, not just those users who are already at peak physical fitness.

A Breakdown Of The Main Vertshock Phases

The core of the Vert Shock program is the “Shock” phase itself. This is a six week routine of concentrated exercises that will make a dramatic improvement in your overall abilities. It seeks to minimize your reaction times and trains you to respond faster and leap higher.

This main course is bracketed by both a “Pre-Shock” and “Post-Shock” phase, each of which lasts one week. The “Pre-Shock” phase lays the necessary groundwork for the big gains to come, but it’s highly effective in its own right; many users reports seeing definite improvements within their first week using the VertShock program. The “Post-Shock” phase is really vital, helping to condition your body to accept its new capabilities and “lock in” your new-found jumping abilities.

Designed For More Than Just Dunking

As mentioned in the introduction of this Vert Shock review, dunking is far from the only skill that can be improved by using the Vert Shock program. It leads to faster responses all around, and that translates into a massive boost in agility.

Even if you’re not a basketball player or a track and field jumper, you can derive huge benefits from the VertShock program. By teaching your body to respond at its maximum level, you can enjoy a real competitive edge that leads to significantly improvements in every kind of athletic performance.

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What You Get In The Vert Shock Package

The Vert Shock system is currently offered in an all-electronic format. You get instant access to all the educational materials as soon as you buy the program. This includes comprehensive guides that explain the entire program in detail and answer every conceivable question.

A series of thirty five high definition videos shows you step-by-step how to perform every necessary exercise. There’s also a little bit of bonus content that comes along with the program, including a nutritional guide, a quick-and-dirty high jump guide, and an email check-in system.

Is It Effective?

While it’s sometimes tough to tell the difference between promotional testimonials and unbiased reviews, the user response to Vert Shock has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone who gives the program the commitment it requires has reported seeing positive improvements in their jumping abilities.

One important factor to keep in mind, though, is that many users report an overall vertical improvement that’s significantly smaller than the “nine to fifteen inches” that’s so heavily promoted by the program’s marketers. Five to seven inch improvements seem to be more realistic.

Is It A Good Value?

Like a lot of exercise programs, Vert Shock offers you the cliched “we’ve discounted it twice if you act right now!” marketing trick. Although they claim it’s normally priced at $197 and has been discounted to $134, you can get it today for just $67 (“Today” is pretty much any day).

At $67 dollars, VertShock requires a fairly modest investment. The makers also provide a two-month money back guarantee, which is a nice touch. You may feel that $67 is a bit much for an all-digital program, though. The inclusion of printable schedules and checklists is a nice touch, but physical copies of the exercise guides would be really nice.

Is It For Everyone?

The Vert Shock system is wonderfully accessible to people at every level of fitness expertise. It doesn’t require any special equipment or facilities, making it easy to practice anywhere. It’s also not particularly taxing on your body, and the makers are careful to point out that it’s suitable for use in combination with virtually any other exercise system.

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It’s even appropriate for basketball players and other athletes who are currently in the middle of aggressive training. Most Vert Shock reviews by satisfied users indicate that it’s an extremely safe and easy system to follow. All of this adds up into a very broadly applicable training routine, suitable for practically anyone.


The bottom line is that improved vertical jumping performance is something that a great number of athletes are interested in, not just basketball players. If a modestly-priced eight-week training course can help them improve their performance even a little bit, it’s easily worth the cost and the time required to try it out.

If this sounds like a gamble you’d like to try, feel free to order Vert Shock. It’s not even really a gamble; always remember you have that sixty day money back guarantee.

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