Weight Gain Blueprint Review – How Legit Is It?


This Weight Gain Blueprint Review will tell you more about what the program is all about, its benefits and how you can meet your goals particularly if you are a skinny guy who wanted to gain weight.

It will also point out how to develop your muscles as you grow bigger in just few weeks minus the dangerous steroids.

When we talk about the skinny guys, we particularly target the ectomorphs and the hardgainers or guys who are thin but wanted to bulk up with muscles fast.

weight gain blueprint review

Who Are the Ectomorphs and the Hardgainers?

The ectomorphs are those who typically have light build, lean muscles, long limbs and with small joints. They usually have more delicate frames than the mesomorphs (athletic type) and endomorphs (round physiques). Ectomorphs always find it difficult to gain weight due to their fast metabolism or are predisposed to their genes.


Hardgainers are people who are naturally lean but wanted to bulk up. They do lots of bodybuilding activities but still cannot develop big muscles regardless of how hard they work in the gym. They could have bad eating habits or bad lifestyle. See more on Reddit

Ectomorphs can also be hardgainers but to sum it up, both groups find it almost impossible to gain weight and build up muscles.

Weight Gain Blueprint and The Story Behind It

Weight Gain Blueprint is primarily an exercise and diet program discovered and founded by Jeff Masterson. It is a holistic program designed particularly for skinny people who cannot gain weight no matter what they do with their diet and having regular workouts.

The program essentially promotes a two-way body development program. First, it is designed to help endomorphs and hardgainers gain extra pounds in just few weeks through following diet regimen. And second, to turn the gained pounds into solid hard muscles with the workout training program.

weight gain blueprint ebook

Jeff Masterson, a self-confessed ectomorph and the author of this program before weighed 142 pounds at 6’2”. Due to his height but thin, lanky frame, he had a low self-esteem. He never gained weight in spite the efforts of going to the gym and following diet programs advised by his personal trainers.

Frustrated, Jeff started to do his own research and experimented on different diet and training courses. One day, he finally found the right diet that can make him gain extra pounds fast. He synced his diet with hard workouts and the result is faster weight gain and a muscled body.

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In just 19 weeks of his program Jeff gained 38 pounds. He now weighs 205 pounds with a bodybuilder built. He did not use hormone therapy, steroids or any dangerous drugs which other bodybuilders use. Jeff thought of sharing his newfound secret and this is how Weight Gain Blueprint came about.

How Does it Work?

Weight Gain Blueprint comes with very concise and direct instruction manuals, a CD training guide and a diet calculator. These will help you have a comprehensive program while increasing your weight in just few weeks. The manual specifies the common things skinny guys do and how to avoid these.

As the program progresses, you will be slowly introduced to a diet program composed of a variety of food that will help you develop muscles.

weight gain blueprint review

You will also learn the exercises that will effectively sync with your weight gaining program. So you increase your weight, the muscles that you gain will turn into solid, hard muscles. Exercises included are varied workout cycles you have to do for weeks. This is to ensure that what you gain from your food won’t turn into fats but muscles.

weight gain blueprint does it work

Nutrition is also a very significant component of the program and this includes the kinds of food you must not miss and why you need to eat these foods. For the best brands of supplements which are all steroids free, these are also included in the manual. These will provide you strength and stamina and help you gain weight fast.

weight gain blueprint scam

The rest of the program also specifies the weeks that you have to avoid training. The purpose is to help your body recover itself from the energy you spent as well as to avoid getting injured due to over training.

Benefits That You Get From Weight Gain Blueprint

The number one benefit you can gain from the program is gaining weight regardless of how thin you are. Even you are an ectomorph or a hardgainer you will eventually become bigger and develop muscles. Basically, the word “impossible” is not recognized in this program. So even you are predisposed with genes of having small frame, this will not hinder your goal in turning yourself into a muscle man.

weight gain blueprint before and after

Being an ectomorph, actually has a big disadvantage when you do bodybuilding. This is because instead of building your muscles, you lose it thus making you more thinner and paler. The Weight Gain Blueprint has an exact diet program and workout routines perfectly suited for skinny guys that were losing hope.

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The program will teach you how to pack your body with 20 kg of solid muscles in just eight weeks. So even you go to the gym 3 days a week, that will not be a problem. You will also learn how to release your body’s natural hormones to stabilize your stamina and utilize your energy accordingly.

What Includes in the Program?

The Weight Gain Blueprint program is a complete package that could last for 26 weeks if followed accordingly. Below are the manuals and paraphernalia that are all in the package. All of these come with step-by-step instructions:

  • The Weight Gain Blueprint Manual
  • Anabolic Muscle-Building Workouts
  • Weight Gain Meal Plans
  • Weight Gain Blueprint Quick-Start Guide
  • Weight Gain Progress Tracker
  • Muscle-Building Foods Cheat Sheet
  • Easy Calorie Calculator
  • Explosive Hot-Seat Interview With Jeff Masterson

What Types of Workouts The Program Enforces

To be specific, the workouts within the program involve the deadlifts, squats, bench presses, overhead presses and pull-ups. You will also be taught the right frequency for your training, how many repetitions and sets you need for every workout. Also, what would be the intensity and progression of your exercises and how much weight should you lift to make your muscles more compact.

How About the Diet Program?

The diet program will tell you what would be the food to eat to give you the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It will also discuss how much calories you need in relation to the structure of your body. You will also know the food to avoid that can go against the program and prevent your body from gaining weight.


  • Program is specifically designed for ectomorphs, hardgainers and all skinny men.
  • Instructions are direct to the point, easy to read and very comprehensive.
  • Quick to download affordable cost.
  • Promises 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Some people are puzzled, is the program applicable to women?
  • Lack about cardio exercise.
  • Lacking in pictures especially the lifting exercises.
  • Downloadable only from its official website.
  • Need 100% commitment to be 100% successful.

How Much Does the Weight Gain Blueprint Costs?

The hard copy version of the Weight Gain Blueprint will cost you $127 including shipping fee and you get everything on the package.

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If you want to save money, you can just download the complete program that only cost $67. All you have to do is place your order and choose download. You will then be lead to a membership site where you’ll be able to download. Either a PC or a Mac will do to download or save. Print the complete package that is in PDF format or save and read it on your mobile devices.

How About the Pay Back Warranty?

Jeff Masterson personally warranties that if you buy his program and after 60 days you did not gain a muscle mass of at least 10 to 20 lbs, he will refund your money 100%.

What About the Support?

For help and support, purchasers of the program can email: support@muscletactics.com. It is however advised that e-mailers add the site’s email address to their address book to ensure they will receive the replies. They can also check their spam folders.

Special Deals

Once you click the order button, you can get some bonuses like the following:

  • Weight Gain Progress Tracker worth $19.95.
  • Muscle-Building Food Cheat Sheet worth $26.
  • Easy Calorie Calculator worth $38.97.
  • Explosive “Hot Seat Interview” with Jeff Masterson

All of these for FREE. However, there’s a limited time offer for these based on the number of orders.


The Weight Gain Blueprint by Jeff Masterson is actually unique in its class. Very few programs offer help to skinny people who want to develop their bodies and gain muscle mass.

Especially ectomorphs and the hardgainers, they are susceptible to enroll in some bogus programs that are actually useless. Jeff’s program is legit and offer chances to those who want to experience great physical transformation.

Some people still doubt the authenticity of the Weight Gain Blueprint regardless of the many positive reviews that people shoot at the program. But because gainers show their pictures to the world,  this makes the program appear to be ultimately working.

The most effective pitch of this program is Jeff promising us a good warranty coverage. That those who undergo 60-day test and will not gain at least 10 pounds will have refunds. This offer makes the program more credible and legit.

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