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The overview

Since you are reading these lines I am presuming that you too are grappling with skin issues like me. A common phenomenon with Caucasian skins. I am not sure that anything in my personal experience would be of any help to you. Still, I am determined to share everything that I have experienced about how I brought my skin on health track.

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It all started about 3 years back when my skin problems became so apparent that make up could no more hide. I was experiencing intermittent rashes, blemish and some very unusual spots on part of my face and neck. After months of treatment, starting from home remedies to trying out so called best skin care products and lastly prescription medicines from my GP and dermatologist.

I did get some temporary relief but nothing permanent. I was frustrated and depressed and then came a day when I told myself that I will do all that is necessary to find cure for my condition and that is how my quest started.

The Solution for skin

The mission was clear; find out everything there is to know about my condition and about what are best skin care products available for my skin. My source was internet & University library. I read, made notes, took help of my doctor friend to understand medical terminology. In short I was driven to find as much information as I could lay my hands on, which is what you are probably doing right now.

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This turned out to be more complex than I had imagined. Few weeks into my research I started to realize that there was something wrong with my approach. Without hesitation I will accept that I was on a treading the wrong path in my research and in the direction of treatment. My focus was on the symptoms, in other words I was looking to find solution to the effect of the problem and not the cause. Looking back, it seem quite simple but I missed, I was not conscious of it at that time. And it seems that many of us make the same mistake.

There are different approaches to skin care and I read as much as I could on the subject. I did my best to research objectively about all of them.

There are no miracle treatments for any skin condition. It is a statement that may seem too drastic or harsh to you. But, as long as you are aware that it speaks the truth you will be objective in your quest. I have my own experience to prove this.

Let me say this without making bones about it that there is no overnight cure for anything related to skin. There is absolutely no minute solution for acne, spots, blemish, rashes, dryness, wrinkles etc.

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You can have the best skin care products which may work faster than others but that about all. Skin care is about using long term treatments and not about getting quick results.

I am not a snob per  but I was somehow convinced that only known and famous brands can bring positive results. But what I know now for sure is that there is a product out there for most skin problems it is waiting to be found. But that has nothing to do with brands. You will be surprised to find out that the best of the best skin care products are simply not aggressively marketed as the famous ones.

I kept reading and putting things together. I started to take a look at my life and my skin care habits. I observed that I was looking to treat two different problems with just one product. But skin care doesn’t work like that. Each problem or issue has its own origin.

You need a specific solution for a specific problem. I learnt that this is the way forward, even when you are self treating with OTC solutions. The best skin care products should be aimed to treat one issue mainly. Rushing into using all-in-one solutions is not the right way to treat any skin issues. Really speaking best skin care products are best if they are geared to treat 1 issue with very few side effects or no side effects at all.

I never liked to drink water. I use to drink a few glasses of water each day and that was all, apparently that wasn’t sufficient. My skin was very dry and so the moisturizer was my best friend. But instead of making my skin moist, it felt as dry as ever. I therefore started to look into the matter more closely like a real good student. And it finally hit me. I understood that skin doesn’t take its water from my moisturizers but it is getting hydrated from the inside out. The best skin care products can temporary hydrate the skin but that is all.

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On average, the human body is about 57% water. Amazing, isn’t it? Obesity takes the water percentage down to 45%. Women have 10% more body water than men which have 60% water in their bodies. Skin is just like the rest of our body, mostly water. The percentage of body water is controlled by hormones. When I first read about this I was pretty much astonished. How is it that a hormone has anything to do with my dry skin?! It was then that I realized that we cannot control the water level in our skin using moisturizing solutions only. And using the best skin care products to moisturize our skin is just a step to proper body hydration.

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The first major skin issue I had were rashes on my cheeks and the ugly acne on my neck as I mentioned earlier. My research helped me get to the actual cause of these two issues. It became clear that my rashes appeared and got worse when I was especially angry or nervous.

At that point I was going through divorce and I was furious and upset almost every day. My eating became erratic, cooking turned into a chore. I got into eating junk food or not eating at all and lost all motivation to exercise. What I considered to be the best skin care products were not able to help me at all.

What I’ve learnt in the following months is that diet, exercise and a healthy mind are 3 key essentials to keep your skin vibrant & healthy. I remember how I use to scratch my face and worsen my skin condition whenever I would get upset. I can honestly tell you from my own experience that there is no such thing as skin care without these 3 elements.

And you can have access to the best skin care products in the world for all that’s worth but you would never get a permanent positive result if you ignored these 3 key aspects.

Caring for your skin is a life time commitment and you will agree it is worth every cent. It is not something that you do today and forget or ignore the next day. Skin care needs continuity and discipline. It must be done every single day without any excuse. I was good at making excuses. “I skipped sun protection yesterday because the weather was unpredictable” or “I ignored to remove my make up last evening because I was too tired.” Does it ring any bells? I am sure that you are quite familiar with this. The even the best skin care products are no substitute to regular and constant care.

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Skin care is not about treating a skin issue in particular. It is not about treating at all. It is about keeping your skin as healthy as possible for as long as possible. A healthy skin will react better to the best skin care products than unhealthy skin. It is like when you suddenly have a stroke. You will recover faster if you have a healthy body but your recovery will take longer if you have any health issues like high blood sugar or obesity.

Skin care means skin protection. I came to realize that I have to protect my skin, especially my face, from the elements that can harm or damage it. I used to love lying down in the sun and feel the breeze on my face. I practically abused my skin by exposing it to all kind of weather conditions. And at one point I had to struggle with the effects. “Sun protection” and “umbrella” were not in my vocabulary but now I know that these 2 could have saved me a lot of time and headaches.

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“A clean skin is a healthy skin”. This is written on my dermatologist’s door. And it turned out to be the fundamental principle of skin care which I had no idea about. I couldn’t believe how dirty our skin can get in just one day. We expose our body and face to all kinds of dirt that disrupt the proper functioning of skin cells.

Skin is a live tissue. We all know that. It’s alive and it needs to breath. The smallest particles of dust can suffocate our skin. And pure water is one of the best skin care products.

After months of research, I came to the conclusion that there is no effort that I would spare when it comes to skin care. Skin is sheltering and protecting our bodies. It is absurd that we appreciate the significance of skin care only when we bump into real skin problems that we can’t disguise anymore. We are very confused when we see that even the best skin care products are not able to help us.

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What I really want to share with you is the concept which surprised me most. The best skin care products that work for my skin do not necessarily work the same for your skin. It happened to me once that I got a product just because it worked well for a friend of mine. I was very confused and disappointed when it had no effect on me. And so I came to understand that we are unique when it comes to skin care.

After getting my nose into thousands of pages related to skin care, I now know that we cannot find the perfect solution or treatment but we can find the most efficient and least damaging best skin care products.

It took me quite some time to leave behind everything that I used to believe in and treat my skin with the proper care and attention. I have learnt that an informed decision is the best decision. Hopefully you will come to understand that as well and you will stop tormenting your skin and start caring it. The best skin care products are at your disposal. You just need to make the proper choice.

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