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Let’s face it, everyone wants to look and feel their best, and how your skin looks is a big part of how you feel about yourself. Taking care of your complexion is a vital part of attaining a youthful, healthy glow regardless of your age. How can you give your skin the very best care it deserves?  Finding the best natural skin care products available is an important first step.

Exactly how can you tell the difference between low quality skincare products and the best natural skincare products? There are so many companies trying their best to convince consumers that what they have to offer in skin care is the best available, when in reality the product lacks much of what really goes into a natural product

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The FDA does not regulate natural skin care companies, so they are left to their own regulation leading to many disreputable manufacturers making claims that are untrue and dangerous to the consumer. Fortunately, not all makers of natural products are run this way there are some with complete transparency in what goes into their products.

These companies can honestly say that they make the best natural skin care products because they control the production from start to finish and take care to maintain strict safety and testing before the product gets to the consumer.

Researchers spend years and a ton of money developing unique blends of natural ingredients to come up with the best natural skin care lines. They go out of their way to sign famous people to tout their products for them in order to persuade folks to buy their skin creams and lotions.

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What type of ingredients should you look for when buying the best natural skin care items?

First of all, you should probably start by looking at what will never be found in the best natural skin care products. All natural skin care items will never have chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, fragrances, alcohol or parabens.

These unhealthy ingredients are anything but natural and have been known to cause diseases, dry skin and other skin allergies. Not only can these ingredients make you sick, they very often clog your pores and even strip your face of its natural oils resulting in an unhealthy complexion and appearance. All of this works toward making you look older than you really are, and no one wants that.

A particularly hazardous ingredient found in many skin care items that has been found to cause illness and other bad reactions is titanium dioxide. When you take some time to read the labels of the most popular skin care and make up products in the store you’ll soon discover that titanium dioxide is very prevalent in many on the shelves.

So, now that you know what should not be found in the best natural skin care products, what ingredients are usually contained in natural creams and lotions?

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One all natural ingredient found in most of the best natural skin care products is vitamin B5 or D-panthenol, a wonderful vitamin that has been seen to repair skin and works to moisturize and protect the skin. Many people swear by this nutritious vitamin to help prevent sunburn and skin irritations.

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Olive oil has its part in natural skin care too, and one of the ingredients found to work wonders to hydrate and nourish skin is Olivem 800. This natural plant oil comes very close to being like the oils found in our skin and leaves skin healthy and happy.

Much has been said in the news about Jojoba oil, and many natural skin care companies include this beneficial ingredient in their product lines. Jojoba oil goes deep within the skin’s layers and leaves it feeling as soft as a baby. Most of the best natural skin care products on the market contain this fantastic oil because it works so well to improve the appearance of wrinkles on the face and even is found in many natural stretch mark removal creams. No wonder women sing the praises of Jojoba oil so loudly.

For the most part, the natural skin care ingredients listed above are the most vital and potent vitamins, minerals and oils your skin needs in a natural skin care product. Many other herbs and plant based ingredients may be found in some of the best products.

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Companies that make the best natural skin care products find the ingredients from the purest environments and conduct the mixing and packaging of the products in contaminant free areas. Their products are so natural that you never have to worry about having an allergic reaction while using it.

One such company that can boast the claim of making the best natural skin care products is Xtend-life Natural Products, makers of many substantial and effective health, fitness and skincare items. Xtend-life goes out of their way to ensure customer’s satisfaction from the natural products they make to the high level of customer service you can expect when shopping online.

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