Bio-skincare, Biotechnology Are Natural Ways To Protect Skin


Biotechnology and Natural Biological Cell Renewal

BIO-SKINCARE is the result of biotechnology applied to a complex natural cell renewal substance that is used by a cute little creature so that it performs a similar function for human skin.

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The biotech ingredient is liposomes, tiny oily vesicles or fat bubbles capable of penetrating the nucleus of the skin cell where they release the biological ingredient for use by your cells.

The liposomes are filled with a complex biological compound produced by snails of the species Helix Aspersa Müller, not an isolate from it, and without inflicting any damage to the living creatures when it is collected. These little creatures produce the soluble compound to repair and protect their own skin from sun damage, microbes, and injuries.

The fluid is a complex compound that glycobiology scientists have identified as powerful biological glycoprotein enzymes, copper peptides and co-enzymes, proteoglycans, and glycosaminoglycans.

The solution performs on human skin something similar to what it does for its creator. It triggers cell turnover, dissolves or “digests” denatured, damaged and dying cells and releases their amino-acids and other components for the rebuilding of healthy molecules to replace blemished cells, enhances skin’s recovery capabilities, is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, repairs and regenerates damaged and sunburn skin cells, promotes the proliferation of the water holding glyco molecules within the skin and enhances the capability of skin to secrete antimicrobials and control microbes, including those that proliferate in acne inflammatory lesions.

Biological DNA Repair – Natural Skin Treatment


The environment and aging process of the cells are factors that disrupt the proper functioning of the skin’s self-defense and regeneration systems. Thus our skin needs to be taken care off with special skin renewal substances to speed the natural flaking of keratinized and dead skin cells to re-balance natural skin functions. Our special ingredient nourishes and ensures rich moisturizing of the upper skin layers, and repairs damaged cellular DNA. You want to do all you can to repair DNA since it contains the genetic instructions specifying the biological development of all cellular forms of life. It is pretty amazing that this biological substance comes directly from a creature you may have passed hundreds of times in your garden.

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Special peptides, protein enzymes, and complex sugars molecules called glycans (from glukus, the Greek word for sweet), that exist in nature as well as in your body, naturally “digest” or dissolve damaged skin cells. Glycans repair damage to cellular DNA caused by either exposure to solar radiation, exogenous and endogenous causes, reactive oxygen species (free radicals) or by hydrolysis of the base sugar bonds in DNA.

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Sunburns are not permanent, thankfully. This visible sign of ultra-violet (UV) damage gradually fades away, indicating that damage to our skin’s cells is being repaired. When ultraviolet light hits an unprotected skin cell, damage can go deep into the DNA that is weaved tightly in the nucleus of our cells. That may lead to a long-lasting mutation if the cell doesn’t quickly repair the molecular lesions.

One of the most significant factors leading to skin cancer is sun exposure. With repeated exposure, the DNA structure of skin cells is damaged similar to the manner in which radiation is used to kill cancer cells in solid tumors. Over time, skin cell DNA damage causes skin to become rough, wrinkled, and hyper-pigmented and may eventually lead to skin cancer.

DNA damage suppresses skin cell immune function allowing damaged skin cells to avoid removal by the immune system and thus progress to skin cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma is usually preceded by a pre-cancerous condition called actinic keratosis (AK). Typically, the sun exposure that causes AKs occurred many years prior to the expression of the pre-cancerous condition.

The aging process is also believed to contribute to this process by independently adding to skin cell DNA and protein damage.

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Smooth Skin and a More Even Complexion

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Current skin renewal programs generally employ exfoliating ingredients like tretinoin (Retin A), glycolic, or beta hydroxy acids, which eventually trigger skin renewal and DNA repair. This can result in a thicker more vascular dermis, but the end result can be often irritating and tough to endure along the way. Redness, skin irritation, flaking, itching and peeling result as the stratum corneum is denuded. The body’s natural response and defense is to thicken and increase blood vessels in the dermis, ultimately resulting in a more healthy skin tone and texture with less wrinkles. Some people’s skin just can’t endure the program in the middle and others get their skin thickened beyond what is healthy due to overuse of such chemical products.

BIO-SKINCARE  is a more gentle, yet most effective solution. It actually utilizes biological activators of skin renewal.

The cream is used directly on clean, dry skin. It is absolutely non-irritating and can be used as an activator of skin renewal on freshly resurfaced skin. The cream goes straight to your cells and activates timely renewal.

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