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Natural Skin Care Discovery

Gentle and sophisticated solution created by a living creature, with skin similar to human skin, for the regeneration of its own skin, repairs, renews, protects skin from the effects of solar radiation and free radicals… a breakthrough, from life’s genius!

Have you gotten used to dry, broken out, scaly, tight, itchy, blotchy or blemished skin? This is not normal, your skin should have a glow, turgor and color. Your skin has powerful natural systems that renew it, remove blemishes and scars, and tighten skin. In children these systems work well but slow as we become adults.

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Effective skin care should activate the skin’s natural regenerative sytems and be part of our preventive healthcare, not a luxury anymore.

It should be nurturing, aesthetically pleasing and because of exposure to pollution, damaging radiation from the sun and free radicals created by our own metabolism it is absolutely necessary for the renewal, rebuilding and health of our skin.

Despite deceptive claims by the skin products industry, actual controlled scientific studies have found only very few factors or subtances to be active in skin regeneration processes.

The main ingredient in our line of products is a “natural skin care discovery”, validated by science. It is the fluid subtance secreted by a living creature for the purpose of regenerating its own skin that is very similar in structure, molecules and cells to human skin.

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This unique solution was discovered by change and a fair dose of keen observation in two different settings and places, in Chile and in Spain.

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It happens to be the most sophisticated and effective skin care solution yet known, not replicable in even the most sophisticated biochemical laboratory, and definitely deserves a prominent place in your skin care and skin healthcare routine.

If you want to get rid of acne scars and breakouts, shrink keloid scars, prevent or treat stretch marks, remove keratosis pilaris or actinic keratosis scales, clear rosacea, remove age spots, or relieve dry skin, itching, skin rashes or razor bumps and avoid ingrown hairs or other facial skin blemishes…

Or, if you wish to look younger and significantly reduce the signs of aging, you will love our 100% natural skin care products and you will see results in weeks.

If you want to have healthy, vibrant skin now, and when you’re older, try our blemish free and natural skin care anti-aging formula that will leave people gazing and wondering exactly how many years “younger” you are now.

Nature’s Gift for Healthy Skin

You can nowadays take care of your skin with the solution produced by a creature that thrives under the sun with its nude skin exposed and having the same collagen, elastin, skin cells & skin matrix structures that human skin is made of.

This creature has been naturally endowed with the ability to produce a balanced and complete “skin care solution” to protect, renew and deeply moisturize its skin. And, to repair damage from solar radiation and free radical oxidation, pollution, environmental hazards and accidents.

We have embodied this gift of nature, by the scientific latin names of Crystomphalus Aspersa or Helix Aspersa Müller Glycoconjugates, a biological compound of soluble proteins and complex acidic glyco (sugar) molecules collected from live creatures of the aforementioned species of the Phylum mollusca — without doing any harm to them— into BIOSKINCARE

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Beyond 100% Natural Skin Care Products, From Life’s Genius

After billion of years testing what works and discerning it from what doesn’t work, nature has already selected the optimal way to care for skin tissues that are exposed nude to the environment, as our human face, neck, and other parts of our body usually remain all day long. It is an exceptional design of an efficient support for the innate immune system of a creature with a skin that has the same structural elements we find in human skin.

So why not tap into nature’s vast source of proven research and life-sustaining solutions, instead of some more or less clever chemical, botanical or herbal concoction?

Scientific analysis of the complex compound shows it is loaded with antioxidants & anti-inflammatories, immune modulators, proteins & peptides, enzymes & co-enzymes, cell-communicating and bio-available ingredients that act in concert and are biologically compatible with living cells.

It contains in one substance the skin care ingredients that the most advanced cosmetic laboratories thrive to include in their products in a quest to mimic life’s genius, but not even the most sophisticated biochemist on Earth can yet possibly replicate.

We know these are bold statements. But after all the scientific screening we have done to find out what makes this substance so powerful, and after all the praise thousands of our customers have sent to us —and you may read by checking the testimonials at the top menu— we decided to boldly challenge the industry and claim that we have reinvented skin care. So bear with us, while we tell you about a new frontier both in science and in skin care, and how your skin can benefit.

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