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The beauty secrets of women worldwide

Pamper yourself! The world-cosmetics (all care of inspiration far away) were installed in our bathroom, to the delight of our senses. Time for a moment, made a stopover welfare discovering the beauty rituals of women from across the world.


The beauty secrets of African women

Even if the continent is vast and features a different climatic region to another, from one country to another, African women is lulled by the sun sun. Astrabenefactor, but also attackers, women have learned to protect their skin from its effects, and the sublime.

Their best asset is undoubtedly the shea butter. His success has surpassed the borders of Africa where it originates. Used for millennia, its virtues are well-known. It is even said that Nefertiti drew its beauty from the use of this product with healing properties.

Today, Shea butter is used to around the world. Rich in essential fatty acids is the preferred partner for dry skin. It nourishes, repairs them and softens.

Shea butter is so effective, it is contained in many cosmetic products: facial care, body, hair … It makes the skin silky, soft and supple. In short, everything is nice to chew!

africa women

Kaolin is the other star of cosmetics from Africa. Women use it for centuries to nourish dry skin. This rock gives white, crumbly white clay, ideal for purifying skin damaged by daily attacks. Used as a mask, it helps revitalize dry hair.The beauty secrets of Mediterranean women

Women southern draw their beauty secrets of the earth. A sun-drenched soil that offers the best in skin care. Olive oil, lemon, lavender, honey … beauty smells Provence. All these relaxing and intoxicating scents are found in many perfumes, body care, face, hair …

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Provence is full of plants with beneficial source of countless cosmetic products. Mediterranean women have no parallel to fly a light complexion and silky skin. They know how to take advantage of the treasures which nature abounds.

Among the star products found in their vanity, there is honey. Obtained in a completely natural (yes, the hand of man does not at any time in the manufacturing process), honey has seduced more than one with its sweet scents sweet. In scrub, it is a beautiful peeling skin that release of all dead cells, leaving it incredibly soft.

The seeds of grapes are the major mode of the moment. Used in cosmetic anti-aging, they strengthen the protection of the skin and trap free radicals responsible for accelerating the aging of the skin. Softening, exfoliating, refreshing, anti-free radical, antioxidants, regenerating and nourishing these little seeds of grapes are used by women for centuries. And they made their big comeback in recent years.

The beauty secrets of Japanese women

In the land of the Rising Sun, women have an innate grace. In this motherland of the geisha, the woman must be beautiful and neat. The Japanese are so use what nature gives them the best. For a fresh and bright, nothing like rice flour, known for millennia for its virtues matifying. Very absorbent, it works wonders on oily skin. The Japanese mix rice flour with a little milk to give the mine and the cool porcelain complexion.

One could cite Asia not to mention green tea, essential for its draining and antioxidant effects. The polyphenols in tea is valued for its anti-aging super-powerful. Do as the Japanese, drink three cups per day of green tea and you eliminate all the toxins responsible for your complexion dull! In ice, applied to the eyes in the morning, green tea will remove all traces of fatigue and dark circles.
The secret of eternal youth Asians based mainly on a particular lifestyle that is based on the flow of energy (Chi). Asian women have always understood that beauty outside through the inner well-being. Let yourself go to a shiatsu massage to balance the Yin and Yang. Calm the mind, shiatsu works wonders on the skin.

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Women of the East


There are 5 000 years in Egypt, women were using cosmetics and kohl. They have also bequeathed beauty tips also essential that the steam rooms, steam baths, the smell of eucalyptus … much missed in Western countries. And because their hair jet black and silky skin made it more of a dream.

If the Oriental women have traditionally used henna on their hair, not only for its coloring properties. Henna has a regulating sebum on the scalp, it brings brightness and strength. It is also perfect for giving beautiful shimmering bronze haired darkest.

Among the beauty rituals of oriental women, there are the salt of the Dead Sea. Ideal body scrub, the salt of the Dead Sea is also known for its anti-stress powers. In the evening, a handful in a warm bath, relax your muscles.
The Eastern women are those who certainly knew better take advantage of all the riches of the soil: cleansing soap black sesame scrubs, wrap Rasul … These beauty tips help clean the skin and nourish it deep. Beauty is not a dream but a reality within reach for all women!

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