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The fact is that dark circles under eyes are not becoming. They make you look less healthy and more tired and worn out. They also make you look older than you really are. So, getting rid of dark circles under eyes becomes a dream for many ladies. But how do you do it and why in the first place you get those circles? Let’s find some answers for these questions.

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Possible cause for dark circles under eyes

Now, there are several reasons you may develop dark circles under eyes. Some people seem to be born that way. And, it’s true. Some of us have that thing running it in our genes. We have simply inherited dark circles under eyes from our moms and grandmas.

Another possible cause for dark circles under eyes is improper life style. The way you eat, drink and live may greatly impact your skin. Sometimes these impacts are negative. For instance, you may not drink up enough of clear water on daily basis. This naturally leads to skin dehydration. Did you know that your under eye skin is the thinnest on your face?

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Thin skin does not do a good job at covering up under skin blood vessels and dark spots. If you do not supply your skin with enough moist, it become even thinner. That is one reason why you may get dark circles under eyes. Poor diet is another one. If you do not supply your body with enough of vitamins and antioxidants through the diet, you rub it of its ability to resist negative environmental influences and free radicals. That is where a good eye cream may come to your help. It supplies the antioxidants and vitamins directly to the skin decreasing the damage done by free radicals

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And of course environment does provide us with lots of challenges and negative impacts to deal with. For one, your skin may get too much insolation or get exposed to frost. Both of these factors lead a one consequence. They dry up your under eye skin. You already know what that means.
Finally, there can various health problems, which lead to forming dark circles under eyes. Some medications may also have that similar effect on you and your looks.

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What can you do to prevent or fix this problem?

That’s the key question to answer. Indeed, you can do a lot. For one, you need to start with fixing your life style. Stop pampering your bad habits if you have any. Poor diet, passive style of life, smoking or drinking, excessive amount of stress – all these things negatively impact your entire body and its largest organ – the skin.

That is where you start. Stop drinking lots of coffee or alcohol and drink up lots of fresh water. Provide just enough insolation to your skin and avoid exposing it to sun rays during the noon hours. If that cannot be avoided, use strong sun screens to protect your skin. In fact, as it was mentioned here, you may get a good eye cream with UV filters in it to protect your under eye skin and prevent forming dark circles under eyes.

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Eat up lots of veggies and fruit to supply yourself with vitamins and antioxidants. They prevent skin and cell damaging fighting off free radicals. This keeps your skin healthy, tight and gets you rid of dark circles under eyes.
Look up a good eye cream. It has to be able to moisturize your skin well. Thin and dry skin simply does not cover up your under skin blood vessels and you form dark circles under eyes. Plus, make sure to find a safe cream to use on the sensitive skin under your eyes. Some creams may evoke eye burning sensations or redness of skin.

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This means you have sensitive skin and you need to find very gentle eye cream treatments for it to make its application safe and profitable. Some of the things you may look for in such cream are vitamins and vitamin K in particular. This vitamin has gone through many scientific testing and showed great results in decreasing such skin problems as dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes.

Gentle exfoliation is another thing to look for in a good eye cream. It helps your skin to peel off the old and dead cells timely and to regenerate. This way your skin stays young at all times and young skin is fresher and tighter. It’s more able to cover up the darkness under eyes and give you healthier and younger look.

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