Will Bee Venom Cream Work For Me?


Wrinkles, fine lines, dull and lack-luster skin – isn’t it nice to know there is a new solution to these now Bee Venom has appeared in the marketplace. Particularly for those of you who have been living in a Botox world with frozen expressions and wondering if this is going to be an ongoing cost with maintenance.

Fast becoming known as the Botox alternative, bee venom cream is one of the latest popular products created with bee venom as the base ingredient. Today, several beauty-product companies have launched a range of products that are being promoted by celebrities and royalty alike.

There are several reasons why there is so much of talk about bee venom and its magical rejuvenating properties. But let’s look a bit closer.


Botox Vs Bee Venom

Bee venom cream gives your skin a lift and nourishes it, similar to a Botox treatment. The difference is that bee venom does not paralyze your facial muscles and give you that natural rigid look. The bee venom in the cream stimulates the skin into thinking that it has been stung which makes it release collagen and elastin, both of which tighten and lift the skin.

Other ingredients such as Manuka honey are added to the composition to nourish and smooth the skin, leaving you looking radiant and fresh. Fine lines and wrinkles are said to disappear leaving the skin amazingly firm and young.


The Royal Decree

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has publicly stated that she has been using bee venom cream for close to five years and has managed to undo the damage to her skin from years of horse riding and smoking.

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Manuka honey products have been in circulation for some years but with the inclusion of the bee venom component they now have that extra edge in the beauty market.

Apitherapy, the treatment that has been used by the ancient Greeks and the Chinese for thousands of years is only now being given the due credit that it so rightly deserves. In the original treatment which by the way has a scientific background, honeybees are made to sting the skin to treat a variety of ailments and improve the quality of the skin. Thank goodness for progression in technology.

Light and Easy


Very few people would be brave enough to expose their skin to bee stings and very frankly, they don’t need to. The bee venom is extracted in a harmless manner from bees that are bred specifically for this purpose. It is then used in various products that are mild enough to be used on a daily basis on your facial skin.

The bee venom cream is so light on the skin that it can be used overnight or under foundation during the day which makes for a very versatile product as well. I mean who wouldn’t want to be improving their skin without having to undergo intensive preparation.

The Base Ingredients

Apart from the bee venom, most of these creams will include organic Manuka honey, apricot, avocado oil, wax and several other organic ingredients. You will usually also find they contain a certain amount of mineral oil, petroleum, vitamins and sodium lauryl sulphates.

When you first use the bee venom cream on your face, you may notice a small tingling reaction which is then followed by the sensation of your skin getting firmer and tighter. Whilst the cream can double as a  mask you will find there are separate mask products available.

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The concept of the body trying to protect itself from the venom by excreting more elastin and collagen is an interesting one. As I understand it the success lies in balancing the amount of bee venom in the cream so that the percentage of the venom is just enough to stimulate the glands while avoiding any redness and swelling.

young skin scam

More about Bee Venom

Bee venom contains a minimum of 18 active substances including apamin and melittin. Though melittin can cause inflammation and localized pain (which is the cause of the light tingling sensation), it also has a moderate anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect. It should be noted that anyone who is allergic to bee stings should avoid using products that contain bee venom.

Those of you who do not know whether you are allergic to bee-products you should always do a patch test on the knee or elbow before using the product.

Most people find that they can use bee venom creams without any side effects and they are sufficiently mild enough to be used on a daily basis as part of one’s everyday beauty routine. Certainly beats having to undergo botox needles on a regular basis.

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