Best Exercises For Overweight People


You want to lose weight and get healthy body. However, as you’ve gained weight you’ve found, it is more and more difficult to do the simplest things, from walking to climbing stairs, and it can be painful. If you’re like many women who are very overweight, you may also feel very self-conscious about exercising. You may think everyone is watching you and judging you. These challenges you’ve faced that can seem intractable. How are you supposed to start an exercise program when you have so much to worry about? Here are your three keys to success.

  • Realize you don’t have to start at any certain level; you just have to start.
  • Do whatever you can. You can progress slowly to get to where you need to be. The main thing is to always progress. Do just a little more each week than the week before.
  • Understand that there will always be some people who judge you because they are insecure and judge everyone. But most people will be happy for you and even inspired by you. Following are the exercises that are best for most people who are very overweight.


Walking is often referred to as the very best exercise for everyone, but it is definitely a great exercise for those who are very overweight. You can walk anywhere, at any time and go at your own pace. Start with what you can do, even if that means just walking to the end of your driveway and back. Every time you go for a walk you can add just a little bit more, even five steps. If you add five steps to your walk every day, then in one month you’ll be walking 450 extra yards.
However, you will probably find that walking gets easier and easier. You’ll begin enjoying the feeling it gives you, and you’ll add more than five steps each time, meaning by the end of a month you are well on your way to fitness. If you can already walk for 15 to 30 minutes then you’re ahead of the game. Enlist a friend to walk with that will make you accountable (much more difficult to miss your walk if you know someone is counting on you) and the time will pass easily as you chat.

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If you have trouble with your joints or have a difficult time walking for other reasons, aquafit classes are great. The water means the exercises are not weight bearing, so you will have an easier time moving than you might normally, and any joint pain you experience because of your weight should disappear. Aquafit classes offer great non-impact full-body exercise. These classes often attract people who have difficulty with regular classes because of being overweight or older, so you will probably find others you can relate with. Be careful not to overeat after class. Water exercise tends to increase your appetite.

Water walking or running

Because water removes the weight-bearing aspect of exercise, you can do things you would not be able to do on land. If you are not a class person and if you don’t have access to aquafit classes or even in addition to those classes, you can simply walk in the water. Once your heart is strong enough, add in some running. Run for as long as you can, even if it’s only a few steps, and then walk until your breathing returns to normal. If you live in an area with a lake or other body of water, you don’t have to wear a bathing suit if you’re not comfortable doing so. Wear tights and a long shirt or whatever else you feel comfortable wearing.

Remember your diet

People almost always overestimate the amount that exercise will do for weight loss. Certainly, exercise helps you lose weight effectively. More importantly, it helps you get in touch with your body and feel good about yourself. But unless you change your diet, you will not see a drastic weight loss from any exercise program.dietIf you’re severely overweight, you face unique challenges when getting started with an exercise program, both physical and psychological. The physical challenges can be overcome by starting in water, by being consistent and by eating a healthy diet and losing weight as you go, which will make every type of exercise easier. It can be difficult to put yourself out there but remember that every time someone sees you exercising it may be inspiring to them. Charles D’Angelo, an author and weight-loss coach who once weighed 360 pounds, thought everyone was looking at him and laughing when he first joined a gym. Later he found that even the very fit people had been inspired by him. Change your focus from what you look like to what your body is capable of doing. You will be amazed.

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