Getting Over The Weight Loss Plateau


When you are trying to eat healthy and get fit, you will find a disturbing trend happens that may start to discourage you from continuing your time and energy.  Men and women around the globe have come to learn this as the weight loss plateau.  Soon after several weeks of losing a lot of weight and achieving wonderful results, you will find that suddenly you are not losing any weight whatsoever, even though you remain eating right and exercising.  Getting over the weight loss plateau could be a very difficult task, if you don’t have the knowledge necessary to get to the next level of your health and fitness journey.

Getting Over The Weight Loss Plateau

Why Does a Weight Loss Plateau Occur?

Once you can understand what a weight loss plateau is, you can better combat it. The very system processes that could save your existence in extreme conditions are usually the reason why you may be discovering it tough to proceed to lose weight in the first place.  The human body operates very hard to keep itself in harmony as far as the energy that goes in and comes out of it.  For example, if you decrease your calorie intake an excessive amount, your body believes that you are depriving.  Therefore, it tries to balance this out by lessening how quickly your body uses the calories that you put into it.  At this point your body requires less calories to keep exactly the same weight, and it makes it very difficult for you to get rid of the last few pounds.

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How will you Get Over the Weight Loss Plateau?

Even though your body is extremely intelligent and will do things to maintain your weight, you can do things to basically “trick” it into burning fat anyway. Eating Foods the Burn Fat will also help.  If you follow the following steps, you can continue to shed the excess weight and keep up the results that you want

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First, discover how many calories you need to sustain your present weight.  To do this, use the following formula:  (Your weight in pounds ÷ 2.2) x 24 (for men) or 23 (for women) = how many calories you’ll need daily.  For example, if you are a 150 pound woman, your formula would look like this:  (150 ÷ 2.2) x 23 = 1568 calories/day. Ask yourself How Many Calories Should I Eat in a Day.

Next, set your calorie goal every day to just under your required calories to maintain your present weight.  Trying to decrease your calories by too much will ruin your time and effort, because your system will go into hunger survival mode.  If you are supposed to consume 1568 calories per day, you need to set your goals at close to 1200 – 1300 each day to lose weight effectively.It’s not that difficult to maintain your proper calorie intake daily. You can learn How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally by just monitoring what you put in your body.

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Make certain that you take a multi-vitamin while losing weight.  If you lessen your calories and give yourself a vitamin deficiency simultaneously, you will start to lose lean muscle size.  Muscle is what burns fat the quickest, so this can trigger your dreaded plateau.  Taking a multi-vitamin will ensure that you do not become nutrient deficient.

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Shock your system every week.  Your body starts to get accustomed to a consistent diet, even if it is a calorie-restricted one.  To shock your system, give yourself a break every week.  Eat restricted calories and highly nutritious meals throughout the week, but on that last day, allow yourself to have pleasure in your favorite “no-no” foods.  Don’t binge or go overboard, but consume things you typically wouldn’t.  This will cause your system to readjust, letting you lose weight once again.

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Thank goodness that our bodies are wise enough to compensate for alterations in what we eat.  If we were stranded in the desert or marooned on an island, we would appreciate it a lot.  Getting over the weight loss plateau, means working together with your body instead of against it.  Permit your system do what it is supposed to do, and just do what you need to do to assure continuous weight reduction until you attain your ideal goals.

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