Good Exercises To Lose Weight


With several good exercises to lose weight available, how do you choose the right one for you? The answer is simple. Choose the ones that give you the most enjoyment. It is easy to find an excuse not to exercise. However, if you select an exercise you enjoy doing, you are less than likely to skip and will be more consistent in working out. As a result, you lose those unwanted pounds and prevent it from coming back. Here are some good exercises to lose weight.

Yoga poses 

Yoga poses

If you have set a weight goal to attain, you can reach this goal faster by engaging in yoga exercises. Yoga exercises are good exercises to lose weight. There are several yoga poses known to be effective when it comes to revving up metabolism and burning fats faster. One of these yoga poses is the Twisted Chair pose. This yoga pose promotes better circulation by using every known muscle in the body. The twisting part of the pose gets your internal organs into full running mode, resulting to a better digestion.

To do the Twisted Chair pose, start by standing with your legs and feet together. Slowly bend your knees, and start lowering your hips and back in the same way you do when you are about to sit on a chair located far behind you. Put your hands together in front of your chest. From this position, start rotating your waist, and touch your right elbow to your left knee. Make sure that you are lifting your chest the entire time. Hold the position for 45 seconds, and do the same on the other side.

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Other yoga poses considered as good exercises to lose weight are Crescent Lunge pose and Bridge pose. Not only is Yoga one of the many good exercises to lose weight, it is also an effective tool in developing balance, strength and flexibility.

Crescent Lunge pose

Resistance training exercises are good exercises to lose weight

Resistance training exercises are really good exercises to lose weight in a steady manner. Why are resistance training exercises good exercises to lose weight? Through resistance training, your body develops lean muscles. Muscles increase the rate or speed your body burns body fats. When you burn those stubborn lards, you lose weight. Cardio exercises combined with resistance training exercises are good exercises to lose weight. They are considered a potent combination, since not only do they help your body burn fats in a fast pace while you are exercising, but they also fuel your body to continue burning fats rapidly long after you are done exercising. Even when you are in a relaxed mode, such as watching television or taking a nap, you are still burning those unwanted fats away.

Resistance training exercises

You can do resistance training with or without resistance training equipment. Some of the equipment used in resistance training are bands, weight machines and dumbbells, among others. In the absence of these equipment, you can use your body weight as an alternative. Some of the resistance training exercises popular as good exercises to lose weight are squats, pushups and lunges.

Good cardio exercises to lose weight

When talking about good exercises to lose weight, cardio exercises are usually the first ones to cross peoples’ minds. Cardio exercises are activities that elevate heart rates and sustain it for a certain period. Examples of cardio workouts are good ole’ running, swimming and bicycling. Step aerobics, Zumba, kickboxing and elliptical training are also great cardio exercises. Even Pilates, if done in a cardio way, can also provide a good cardio workout. There are numerous benefits associated with cardio exercises. Aside from boosting metabolism, cardio exercises keep the heart and lungs in tiptop condition. They also provide definition by blasting the fats that cover your muscles.

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When doing cardio exercises, vary the intensity and speed on your cardio workout routine. This is a great way to overcome plateaus and prevent your body from being accustomed to the workout. For example, alternate brisk walking with jogging and sprinting, or do interval training on an elliptical machine or stair climber. By doing so, you are giving your cardio routine a boost, and you are sure to see results sooner.

Good exercises to lose weight – Plyometrics

You can also fit in Plyometrics in your fitness plan. Plyometrics are movements where muscles are stretched and contracted. When performed in an extended period, with breaks in between, Plyometric exercises can be classified as a cardio exercise and are good exercises to lose weight. Examples of Plyometric exercises considered as good exercises to lose weight are jumping jacks and squat jumps.


There are various good exercises to lose weight. Regardless of what type of exercise you choose, simply doing one exercise repeatedly will not cut it. Similar to dieting, balance is the key. A great workout plan incorporates various types of exercises or activities, at different speed and intensity. When you cross train, not only are you preventing yourself from getting bored, but you are also engaging different groups of muscles. Keep these in mind when you are choosing good exercises to lose weight.

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