Learn The Different Types of Yoga


Yoga is one of the most trending type of exercises in the world.
However, there are different types of yoga. Although they are almost just the same especially with the use of pranayama or breath control and poses or asanas. Each style has distinctions which made them popular.

For practitioners especially for newbies, it is best recommended to know the different styles and approaches in yoga. One should be aware of the many kinds of yoga practices.

Here are the different types of yoga

Anusara is a yoga style that is known to be excellent for enhancing a person’s mood. It is not as much intense as the bikram or ashtanga yoga. It encourages the students to pay attention on the correct alignment of the body in the execution of every asana. This kind of yoga is idyllic for the neophytes since the introductory asanas are not overwhelming for beginners. There’s definitely no need to feel nervous in trying this kind of yoga.


Ashtanga is one of the types of yoga that involves strenuous sequences. This yoga style is popular for its rapid flow from one pose to another with each inhalation and exhalation. The series of asanas are strictlyassociated by the pranayama. The approach in this yoga is excellent for weight loss.  It is also powerful for improving one’s cardio vascular and it mostly involves athletic poses. The practitioners of Ashtanga are called ashtangis. Newbies should first enroll in primary series class before trying the Mysore ashtanga.

Bikram has become popular because yoga asanas are performed in a room with the sauna-like temperature of 105 degrees of heat and 40 percent humidity. Attending Bikram yoga sessions can actually make you burn as much 350 to 600 calories. Steamy air is believed to boost a person’s flexibility as well as stamina. Girls, be ready with your sports bra and sports shorts for boys. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring your water bottle.

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Hatha is the style that encompasses almost all types of modern yoga. It has a classical approach that involves yogic breathing as well as yoga postures. This is very good for calming the mind and body. It is excellent for stress relief and in improving one’s health as well as physical strength. This kind of yoga is a well-known preliminary method for meditation.

Iyengar has been popularized by B.K.S Iyengar and this kind of yoga makes use of props like yoga blocks, pillows and straps. It is also known as furniture yoga and it offers a very methodical approach plus careful sequencing. If you want to achieve well sculpted muscles then this one would be a great choice. More so, it can help you build a very good foundation for other types of yoga.

Jivamukti is a yoga practice that highly considers the spiritual aspect of yoga based on the yogic scriptures and philosophies. Students are heartened to practice vegetarianism for ahimsa or non-violence. This yoga style also encourages meditation and chanting. The main goal for practicing this kind of yoga is to achieve enlightenment.

Kripalu is a yoga for self-empowerment and it encourages knowing one’s own body. It also actively involves breath work. It is believed that the mind can influence the physical gestures of a person so this yoga style is all about going deep into your own emotions and thoughts. The primary objective for this type of yoga is self-discovery.

Kundalini is one of the most popular types of yoga that involves invigorating and revitalizing poses. It can help increase your mind and body awareness. This is not just an ordinary physical work out.The flow and awakening of inner energy is one of the main purposes of students who practice this form of yoga.

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Power is known as one of the most active and athletic types of yoga. It almost looks like an aerobic yoga that involves isometric movements. This yoga style is best for building up your strength and flexibility. It is quite competitive in nature. It is absolutely a serious form of yoga for the mind and body.


Prenatal is recommended for expecting mothers. The poses were especially designed to assist or help women in all phases of pregnancy. This is very good for weight management, circulation and of course for relieving stress or anxieties. Mostpregnant women try this kind of yoga for speedier and easier labor. It actively involves Lamaze breath that emphasizes on the deep exhalation.

Restorative is a yoga style that is being described as less body work and more mind relaxation. This is idyllic for rehabilitation from stress and injury.

Sivananda offers an ashram experience to the practitioners. It begins and ends with meditation or chanting. It can restore one’s injured body and boost the vitality of a person. Twelve basic asanas are included in Sivananda sessions.

Viniyoga is also called personalized or individualized yoga. The asanas are modified and especially designed for one’s physical capacity and limitations. The sessions are usually one on one. This kind of yoga can help balance your spine and can relieve general back pain.

Yin is a quiet meditation yoga style. It is a passive form of yoga and it includes long holding of poses.

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